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Equine Blood Testing
PNER’s Abaxis blood machine travels to endurance rides throughout the
region. On-site Equine Profile Plus blood tests are available to PNER
members for $45 (non-members $55).
Analysis Includes:
Click here to print a release of liability for use of the blood machine.
The blood machine will be available at a number of rides throughout the 2017 ride season. As the schedule is developed it will be posted here.
Do you have a trail project you'd like financial support with, the Trail Committee is here to help!
We're able to assist with projects promoting trail maintenance, education and preservation.
To apply:  PNER Trails App
Education Article:
Your 2018 PNER Education Committee is made up of PNER Members, Darlene Merlich, Tani Bates and Bobbi Knapp.
Did you know that PNER has fund available for any endurance related seminar you would like to present to interested folks? The application process isn't difficult and the rules are simple. 
Click the this link to access the PNER Education Funds  
Once you've filled out the application you can send it either snail mail to me, the Chairperson for the PNER Education Committee, or you can scan and email it to me, as well. Your application will be shared with the Education Committee and we will make every effort to contact you with any questions about your application anad then provide a decision on your application as soon as possible. After that, the PNER Treasurer, Margie Thorngren, at this time, will send you a check. In return, you'll provide a report about your event, complete with the requisite receipts and financial report on the event. This will be reported on at the next Board of Directors meeting. You may be invited to call in to the meeting and give your own impression of the process you followed, and provide feedback on the process. 
PNER Members who've taken advantage of the PNER Education Committee funds have been able to put on some very interesting and engaging "Mini Rides" and "Endurance 101" clinics, complete with provided lunches and "awards". 
Send your completed appliction:
PNER Education Committee Chair
Darlene Merlich
14481 SW Twin Lakes Rd
Powell Butte, OR 97753
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Reprinted from May 2017 Endurance News Arcticle
Last Updated: 2/16/2018