Pacific Northwest Endurance Rides
Horse Awards


Don't forget, the following requirements apply to all PNER awards:

  • Awards are available to members of Pacific Northwest Endurance Rides, Inc. (PNER) and horses ridden by PNER members.
  • PNER membership is required and is not retroactive.  Events ridden prior to the processing of an individual’s membership are not counted toward PNER awards in the applicable ride season.
  • The awards cycle covers the PNER ride season (January 1 through December 31 annually).
  • Rides sanctioned through organizations recognized by PNER and located in the PNER region are considered in award determination, unless otherwise specified in the award description.
  • Unless otherwise specified in the award description, a minimum of three sanctioned events or 150 or more miles during the applicable PNER ride season must be successfully completed by the rider, horse, rider and horse team, or group of riders (e.g., family, couple, team).  This requirement applies to the distances covered by the specific award.  For example, if the award description specifies only endurance distances are recognized for an award and the individual completed one 100-mile event and one 50-mile event, then the award recipient would have met the requirement by having completed 150 endurance miles although not having completed three endurance events. If the requirement is not met, the award or full complement of placings will not be presented.  Individual award descriptions cover whether the minimum completion requirement applies.
  • Some awards require nomination.  Members must submit the requested materials to the Awards Coordinator or appropriate individual on or before the nomination due date.  Failure to do so by the submittal deadline will result in the individual being ineligible to receive the award.

Rider age is determined as of January 1 of each year and covers the full PNER ride season.  Age classifications for award recognition purposes are defined below and in some cases, a rider may qualify for multiple categories (e.g., a Senior Rider could also qualify for Golden Years or a Senior Rider could qualify as a Young Rider).

  • Junior Rider – A rider under age 16.
  • Young Rider – A rider age 16 to 21 (not yet age 22).
  • Senior Rider – A rider age 16 or older.
  • Golden Years – A rider age 65 and older.

Champion Overall Best Condition Horse

The horse with the highest accumulated Best Condition (BC) points ridden by any number of PNER members of any
age is honored.  BC points are accumulated when there are at least two starters and a
BC Horse is recognized at the
event.  The recognized BC horse receives one BC point per mile, prorated by
the number of starters when there are
fewer than 10.  (Includes endurance and/or limited distance

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  The minimum completion requirement does not apply.
110745SAR FS Valient Heart155
29282Pay Attention150
311399Che Ole140
410528OFW Alivia119
59792Oh Susannah100
611725SS Sunny CYTE (Stuie)100
711348Justin SF100
89637Viva Sozar100
1110666Dr Finnigan66
1211374OMR Quicksand60
1311428Top Hat Frost60
149527Tezeros Hot Shot55
1511509Worth Five55
168753OMR Pristine55
1710713SS Adios55
199669HCC Elessar55
2011699GE Haat Rod Express55
2111093GE Pistol Annie55
2210050DE Khapprio KF55
2311439DWA Zifhaffir55
2410379April Rainbow55
2511298Detailed Legacy52.5
2610432Eternal Indian Summer50
2711508Beau de Valesoso50
3110968GE RR Jazz Dancer50
329895DWA Malik50
338356Jolly Holiday50
3411469DA Serabaars Secret50
359727JAC Winterhawk50
3610928LJ Owyhee Opal50
3710468TCF Miles High50
3811648Stars Aflame50
3910820SAR Street Walker50
408633SAR Tiki FS Warrior50
417502NL Temptation+/50
439619Merlots Kwest50
4511006RA Ares Bey50
4610990Ramsey BD50
478358Tiara Moonbeam50
4911490OMR Prophet45
5010994EZ To B Perfect42.5
5210885Shams Aaliya40
5311219Nightwinds Wake Up Call37.5
5511306Riazara Majic30
5711549Natalia PFF30
5911651American Ally EF30
6011265Vintage Indigo30
6111246WMA Proclaim25
6311183FHR Trinket25
6410578Flash of Gold25
6811036Keeping Faith25
699726KH Bastille25
707263Reno Rimal25
7111015Race T Wildfire25
7210875Onyxs Paloma Plata25
739020T Park Barbarossa25
7410744SAR Dragon Rider25
7611382HJ Magnum El Shah20
7710491Chyna Bey20
7811649RRF's Diamond Smuggler18
7910717Doublemint Rio Gambler17.5
8011002Xtreme Surprise15

Champion Junior Best Condition Horse

The horse with the highest accumulated Best Condition (BC) points ridden by any number of Junior PNER
members is honored.  Junior BC points are accumulated when there are at least two Junior starters, a Junior
Horse is recognized at the event, and the horse receives the highest veterinarian score in the Junior BC
All Juniors completing the event are eligible to show their horse for Junior BC judging when offered
by the ride
manager.  The horse receives one Junior BC point per mile, prorated by the number of Junior
starters when
there are fewer than three.  (Includes endurance and/or limited distance events.)  

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  The minimum completion requirement does not apply.  Please
note:  ride managers are not required
to recognize or conduct Junior BC horse judging at their events. 
Therefore, the ride manager must have conducted Junior BC horse judging at
his/her ride event and the name
of the Junior horse with the highest BC veterinarian score must be provided to the PNER Points Secretary by
ride manager.


111510PH Gai Linseyn55
211196Haven's Haute Diggity50


100-Mile Horse Lifetime Achievement


Horses consistently competing in one-day 100-mile events are remarkable.  This is a milestone award and is based 
the quantity of one-day 100-mile completions in the PNER region over the lifetime of the horse. 

Milestones are acknowledged at 300, 600, 1,000, 1,500, and, 2,000 miles.  Beyond 2,000 miles recognition is
in 1,000-mile increments.  

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  The minimum completion requirement does not apply.

1Suzanne Hayes883Sanstormm108741330
2Lynn Rigney4752Predictable114011270
3R.G. Root DVM1247OFW Alivia105281270
4Sandra Cheek1005HHR Flashy Rebel108591195
5Dean Hoalst2974Pay Attention92821180
6Jennifer Kaplan4298Ala Catch Ya Later117111180
7Kristen Maholland4115HCC Elessar96691150
8Layne Lewis2868Royal Immage109081150
9Dennis Summers1578Dr Finnigan106661150
10Jamie Hughes4608DE Khapprio KF100501150
11Max Merlich3763TCF Miles High104681150
12Nance Worman2862Big Sky Quinn68241150
13Connie Holloway4527DWA Saruq88631150

1Sarah Holloway4528Noble Desperado85071330

Drinkers of the Wind

Sponsored by Ron Sproat & Carol Giles 
(Nomination required by December 1)

This award honors horses that embody the meaning of endurance.  The award celebrates equines with
endurance careers who continue, mile-after-mile, to consistently complete endurance distance events.  

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  A minimum 5,000 accumulated lifetime endurance miles must
recorded for the horse to be eligible for nomination.  The horse must successfully complete at least one
endurance event during the current ride season and endurance events outside the PNER region are included
in determining eligibility.  The horse
must be owned by a PNER member.  

A nomination submittal must be sent to the Awards Coordinator by December 1 to verify eligibility
requirements have been met. A list of
nominees and any submitted materials will be forwarded to the award
sponsor.  The minimum completion requirement does not apply.


Veteran Horse

Sponsored by Lois Fox
(Nomination required by December 1)

A horse with outstanding performance in endurance over a significant period is noteworthy.  This award
determined by the award sponsor through qualitative judgment of the horse’s career record.  
Emphasis is
placed on high mileage and consistent top performance in 75-100 mile distances in the PNER

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  A minimum 2,500 accumulated lifetime endurance miles must
be recorded for the horse to be eligible
for nomination.  Historical miles may have been accumulated
outside of the PNER region.  A nomination submittal must be sent to the Awards
Coordinator by December
1 to verify eligibility requirements have been met.  A list of eligible recipients and any submitted materials
will be
forwarded to the award sponsor.  The minimum completion requirement does not apply.


Top 3 High Mileage Horse

Horses with the highest total accumulated miles (endurance and/or limited distance) are recognized.  The 
horse may be ridden by any number of PNER members of any age.

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  The minimum completion requirement applies.


PlaceHorseHorseIdTotalMilesMinimum Eligibility Met
1M Dash Edna10165670Yes
2DWA Saruq8863640Yes
3Noble Desperado8507590Yes
5Ramsey BD10990550Yes
7The Big Brass10705515Yes
8Blacksaddle Tiger9963510Yes
9Big Sky Quinn6824485Yes
10WMA Proclaim11246445Yes
11Che Ole11399435Yes
12OFW Alivia10528435Yes
14Fire Mt Malabar7712410Yes
15Frankly Dash O Splash9012390Yes
16HCC Elessar9669385Yes
17Magico Del Padre10366365Yes
18EZ To B Perfect10994365Yes
19JAC Winterhawk9727360Yes
20Z Summer Thunder8244360Yes
21Shotguns Rosette9127355Yes
22Royal Immage10908355Yes
23HJ Magnum El Shah11382350Yes
24Belesema Anna9816340Yes
25Merlots Kwest9619340Yes
26TER Ramone9650335Yes
28Dreamweaver Csavannah11238330Yes
29DWA Zifhaffir11439315Yes
31Tezeros Stormy8877315Yes
32CR Marjan Roars8547315Yes
33MF King Tut9295310Yes
34Aliento de Vida7786305Yes
35Malavasia PFF11396290Yes
37SAR Dragon Rider10744290Yes
40Painted Spur10735280Yes
41TCF Miles High10468275Yes
42Worth Five11509265Yes
43CR Dun Debut10103260Yes
44HB Aur Squirt9017255Yes
45Iced Mocha7745255Yes
47OMR Prophet11490250Yes
48MSP Josadda8946250Yes
50Dr Finnigan10666230Yes
51HYR Magic Prince10405225Yes
52TD Sahra Onyx9351225Yes
53Doublemint Rio Gambler10717215Yes
55DE Khapprio KF10050210Yes
56KMG Nahla Rose10377205Yes
57Belesemo Geronimo10493205Yes
59Sundance (Sonny)10346205Yes
60SAR FS Valient Heart10745205Yes
61HHR Flashy Rebel10859200Yes
62HYR Khash' N In11063200Yes
63Karim SCF11140200Yes
64Z Blue Lightning9001200Yes
65Paladin BF8883200Yes
66Makalu's Chance11262195Yes
67Top Hat Frost11428190Yes
68SL Eternal Sha Mosk11687190Yes
73Lola Rae9421180Yes
74Trubadors Al Jazaan9370175Yes
75RJO Redhotchilipepper10352175Yes
77WMA The Call11149175Yes
78Shams Aaliya10885175Yes
79Syrocco DW10981175Yes
80Flash Point Made11463165Yes
81Belesema Star Ebony10608165Yes
82KH Bastille9726165Yes
83Deals Vane Boy9599160Yes
84JA Gaberials Lasdelux5688160Yes
86Detailed Legacy11298160Yes
87Noslos Ineedaname11278160Yes
88Kkarmon TT11491155Yes
90SAR Street Walker10820155Yes
91Double Exposure PW10832155Yes
92SAR Tiki FS Warrior8633155Yes
95SH Khalabu11591155Yes
96Three Socks11592155Yes
97The Traveling Man (Traveler)11652155Yes
99Dukes of Azares11446150Yes
100Storm Chaser K11426150Yes
102CH Memphis Bell10508150Yes
103Pay Attention9282150Yes
104APP Flecha de la Estrella10360135Yes
105SS Adios10713135Yes
106The Dark Night SC11458135Yes
107McCurdys Gee Wizz11287130Yes
109WF Moon Fyre11424130Yes
110AH Stormin Norman10196130Yes
111April Rainbow10379130Yes
114Reno Rimal7263125Yes
115WB Leyla11388125Yes
116Doublemint Black Scamp10716125Yes
118Orlabiban ( Greta)11659125Yes
119VG Merlin11412115Yes
120TA Christal11454110Yes
121ELA Rosalee7759110Yes
122ADF Out Of Ink9273110Yes
123OSR Nics Happy Spot10567110Yes
124Phaetana Del Padre10723110No
126Tiara Moonbeam8358105No
129Hunters Dance10022105No
130Belesemo Moon10454105No
131Bold Design5645105Yes
132Owyhee Super Luna11465105Yes
133PH Gai Linseyn11510105Yes
134BRR Sierra Mist11323105Yes
135Payback Daysea Duke11706105Yes
136Sans War Kitten11413100Yes
137Splendid SR10661100Yes
138Ala Catch Ya Later11711100No
140Always Playfair7812100Yes
141T Park Barbarossa9020100Yes
142My Dance10498100No
143WMA Steadfast10180100No
144Oh Susannah9792100No
145Beauty's Harley8914100No
146Sunestas Remington Steele9043100No
147AH Bantiki9074100No
150Royale Warsaw SE11379100No
151VG Patriotic Dream11425100No
152Kayla Marie11427100No
153WMA Pastella11489100No
154Deals Crown Royal11547100No
155Francisco Adan CuGR1068185No
156Liberty by Diah1145585Yes
157BC Coalectible993680No
160Natalia PFF1154980No
161Rushcreek Foxy1148880No
162FCF Asti Spumante1127480No
163McIntosh Ricochet Country (Shay)1173780Yes
164One Blithe Surprise1128175No
165Crowned Victory1127075No
166Phyre Storm Z1100075No
167Xtreme Surprise1100275No
168SAR Im Stormin Norman1114375No
170Marquitible Asset CCA1002075No
171Prides Reba1002175No
172Zorros Blackpearl1067275No
173APP Taylor La Esplendida Mirada1052075No
174Truly Majikhal1002975No
176Noble Desert Llion1158175Yes
177Cathys Royal Attraction1139475Yes
178Belesema Casseopia1127175Yes
179Haven's Haute Diggity1119675Yes
182Wheatland Fire At Will1105075Yes
184Montana's Echo819575Yes
187Sam Sarra1151760No
188Rushcreek Fiscus1150755No
189Flying Eagle1151155No
190Hero's Pzazz1159355No
191Vino Rojo1143455No
192Xtreme Xtravagance1141455No
193Loose Change1141555No
194Faheed Eskont Shaat1094855No
197Redwing Ofcourage854655No
198Yabu Dabba Du872755No
199DLF Jobster575555No
201Belesema Specialty1056955No
202CR Tessera1041955No
203VbF Titleist1069655No
204Moon Glo's Little Dixie933655No
205Natalia PFF (TYYA)938955No
206Rushcreek Raffie949355No
207Kiss Me Romeo1025052No
208Double Aught Buck1032550No
210SAR Devils Advocate1037050No
211Asad Wazim1038750No
213SS Buddy BEH RON632750No
215CB Shekinah848550No
216Tezero's Taconite779550No
217The Traveling Man1124850No
219FHR Trinket1118350No
220Wild and Crazy Marmot1132050No
221San Sihr Farazdac1076750No
222Gryffindor's Golden Snitch1076850No
223Kharmichel LK1078250No
226Red Wing of Courage1139250No
227SAR A Fancy Havana1147550No
228Owyhee Justice (Rio)1165450No
230SAR Wileycoyotesmokes1171850No
232Rushcreek Elinor1167650No
233Prairie Zip1168550No
234DWA Barack1169730No
235LJ Owyhee Flint1173430No
236BPR Jasmine Blu1173530No
237Cyalater Aligatar1153330No
239TMB Rowdy1167330No
240RC VinnDiesel1162030No
241RC Elinor1148730No
242Showwan PA1145630No
244Plazzo BWF1143230No
245TT Color Me Well Chosen1143330No
247RCR Whirlabout1119830No
248Cyalater Aligaitar1123430No
249Hasna Sabiya1126130No
250MB Triple Bay Bask893430No
253Lucero Reedo de Rioto599030No
255Ameeras Dream720030No
256TNT Thunder Micki745230No
259Leonardo's Nite Out1000130No
260Pureform Bunny1000730No
261KCS Jokker995625No
264MKM Sun Magic901825No
265OFW Rosencavalier928925No
268NEH Bonnie Lassie839125No
270Mystic Ace608925No
273Miss Azia Mo708425No
274Tezero's Warpony709625No
276TBM Key of C909125No
278Tahoma S Chernuska1125825No
280Razeel Shai Dream1132425No
281La Estravanza1132525No
282Perfekht Destiny KF1128425No
283Walk'n Rocky1127525No
284Cody Rey CuGR1107225No
285AC Omatay1115525No
286Fire at Will1116325No
287Psy Pscimipar1085425No
288Avenger-N-Sync (Rio)1097025No
290AB Omatay1142125No
291Bella Rvais1146225No
292LJ Sadakat Moon1145125No
293Raza Nemo1147625No
294Cinch Tawin1147925No
295Kontessa Royale T1163925No
296Baby At Spice1164025No
299Wild Eagle1159625No
300Major Day1159925No
301Painted Romeo1153925No
302M Bono Bey1154225No
303Mignight Sky's Markiz1158025No



Gaited Horse

Sponsored by The Guice Family
(Nomination required by August 1)

The gaited horse with the highest accumulated miles (endurance and/or limited distance) is recognized. 
The horse may be ridden by any number of PNER members of any age.

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  Horses must be registered with a recognized gaited horse
breed association.  Common gaited horse breeds include Icelandic, Mangalarga Marchador, Missouri Fox
Trotter, North American Single-Footing,
Paso Fino, Peruvian Paso, Racking, Rocky Mountain, Kentucky
Mountain, McCurdy Plantation, Spotted Saddle, Tennessee Walker, Walkaloosa. 
Questions regarding
recognized gaited horse breeds and associations should be directed to the award sponsor.  (See
membership directory for
contact information.)  A nomination form with a copy of the horse’s registration
papers must be submitted to the Awards Coordinator no later
than August 1 to verify eligibility
requirements have been met.  The minimum completion requirement applies.


PlaceHorseHorseIdTotalMilesMinimum Eligibility Met
1Magico Del Padre10366365Yes
2Shotguns Rosette9127355Yes
3APP Flecha de la Estrella10360135Yes
4Phaetana Del Padre10723110No


AHA Region 4 High Point Distance


Sponsored by Carlene Benson
(Enrollment required before any Region 4 ride will count)

This award recognizes purebred and half-Arabian horses registered with the Arabian Horse Association
who complete endurance and limited distance events and accumulate 200 or more miles in a
season on rides
within Region 4 – the state of Oregon and southern Idaho.  

Enrolled horses receive one point for every mile completed in Region 4 events and 1.5 points for miles
completed in the AHA Region 4 Championship.  Horses with 200 or more miles receive a year-end AHA
4 Distance Achievement award and the horse with the highest accumulated number of points
receives the AHA
Region 4 High Point Distance Championship.  

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  Riders must be PNER and AHA members holding an AHA
competition card for the current ride
season.  Riders are not required to live in Region 4, but only rides
in Region 4 count toward this award.

Enrollment is not retroactive and must be completed prior to entering the first Region 4 event. 
Enrollment requires the following materials be
forward to the award sponsor:  a copy of the horse’s
registration papers and AHA competition card.  If the rider is not the horse’s owner a copy of
a signed
lease must also be provided. (Contact information for award sponsor, Carlene Benson, may be found in the
PNER Handbook.)  For
information on AHA membership and competition cards, contact Arabians in Motion
at or Carlene Benson
at (503) 399-1580 and


Last Updated: 12/17/2017