Pacific Northwest Endurance Rides
2018 Rosters & Standings
2018 Team Standings (scroll down to see team rosters, this top section will be blank, until the ride season begins and ride results are available.)

Team Standings

  • PlaceTeam IDTeam NameTotal Points
    126Charlie's Unicorns1057.5
    227Whoop A$$960
    529Team RC Painting496.5
    637Owyhee Wonders357.5
    728Trotting CHAOS302.5
    835Happy Hoofers237.5
    932Hot 2 Trot170
    1033Kick A$$85
    1134Rouge Riders75

Current Rosters

  • TeamNameMemberName
    Charlie's Unicorns*Kathleen Ferguson (captain)*
    Charlie's UnicornsJennifer Hover
    Charlie's UnicornsJulie Barnfather
    Charlie's UnicornsKim Black
    Charlie's UnicornsRose Corey
    Charlie's UnicornsSandy Cheek
    Charlie's UnicornsSiri Olson
    Charlie's UnicornsTiffany Buob
    Charlie's UnicornsBen Volk
    Charlie's UnicornsDennis Summers
    Charlie's UnicornsJulie James
    Charlie's UnicornsKendal Ingraham
    Charlie's UnicornsSusan McLain
    Charlie's UnicornsSusan Summers
    Charlie's UnicornsTerry James
  • TeamNameMemberName
    Get-R-Done*Chris Samson (captain)*
    Get-R-DoneBarbara McGann
    Get-R-DoneJodie Lucas
    Get-R-DoneKaili Worth
    Get-R-DoneCarolyn Roberts
    Get-R-DoneCarrie Johnson
    Get-R-DoneDebra Grose
    Get-R-DoneLayne Lewis
    Get-R-DoneLee Pearce
    Get-R-DoneLynn White
    Get-R-DoneMaria Kilgo
    Get-R-DoneNance Worman
    Get-R-DoneNaomi Preston
    Get-R-DoneSandy Smallwood
    Get-R-DoneVirginia Ware
  • TeamNameMemberName
    Happy Hoofers*Kara Henry (captain)*
    Happy HoofersBeth Skaggs
    Happy HoofersBianca Chevalier
    Happy HoofersBirte Ferguson
    Happy HoofersBrenda Casebeer
    Happy HoofersCaoilinn Haggerty
    Happy HoofersCarolyn Burlison
    Happy HoofersJANINE ENGEL
    Happy HoofersJennifer McMillen
    Happy HoofersKyle Guice
    Happy HoofersLeonard Bottleman
    Happy HoofersMarie Burcham
    Happy HoofersMelinda Guice
    Happy HoofersSusie Morrill
    Happy HoofersVanessa Veitch
  • TeamNameMemberName
    Hot 2 Trot*Janet (Bobbi) Walker (captain)*
    Hot 2 TrotAlexis Berryman
    Hot 2 TrotDonna Lacy-Bacon
    Hot 2 TrotElizabeth Ecklund
    Hot 2 TrotLynn Atcheson
    Hot 2 TrotShelley Kincaid
    Hot 2 TrotAndrea Hurn
    Hot 2 TrotBeverly Court
    Hot 2 TrotCamille Rucker
    Hot 2 TrotHeather Costigan
    Hot 2 TrotHolly Phalen
    Hot 2 TrotJodie McDonie
    Hot 2 TrotLindsay Koole
    Hot 2 TrotMichelle Anctil
    Hot 2 TrotWendy MacColman
  • TeamNameMemberName
    Kick A$$*Ty Yazzie (captain)*
    Kick A$$Jennifer Jacobson
    Kick A$$Jo Weinstein
    Kick A$$Wesley Rau
    Kick A$$Ann Szolas
    Kick A$$Carlene Benson
    Kick A$$Kyle Hockett
    Kick A$$Lianne Cantrall
    Kick A$$Lora Bannan
    Kick A$$Lucas Cramer
    Kick A$$Pam Moore
    Kick A$$Sharalyn Hay
    Kick A$$Siiri Berg
    Kick A$$Terri Powell
    Kick A$$Wendy Hutchens
  • TeamNameMemberName
    Marauders*Tani Bates (captain)*
    MaraudersBecky Fiedler
    MaraudersBecky Vital
    MaraudersCarol Giles
    MaraudersCelena Pentrack
    MaraudersDavid Laws
    MaraudersHolly Rouska
    MaraudersJaime Hughes
    MaraudersKaren Leiman
    MaraudersLiesl Lemke
    MaraudersLois Fox
    MaraudersLynne Walters
    MaraudersMarie Mallon
    MaraudersMelissa Coy
    MaraudersMelissa Stephenson
    MaraudersRon Sproat
    MaraudersTom Dean
  • TeamNameMemberName
    Owyhee Wonders*Connie Holloway (captain)*
    Owyhee WondersAnne Aganon
    Owyhee WondersBeth Nicholes
    Owyhee WondersCarol Brand
    Owyhee WondersCarrie Thorburn
    Owyhee WondersDeo Peppersack
    Owyhee WondersIsabella Peppersack
    Owyhee WondersKaren Steenhof
    Owyhee WondersLinda Kluge
    Owyhee WondersLynne Fredrickson
    Owyhee WondersPam Davenport
    Owyhee WondersPatricia Frahm
    Owyhee WondersSarah Holloway
    Owyhee WondersShyla Williams
    Owyhee WondersStephanie Teeter
    Owyhee WondersVicki Nickels
  • TeamNameMemberName
    Rouge Riders*Shannon Peckham (captain)*
    Rouge RidersErin Putnam
    Rouge RidersJillian Sparkes
    Rouge RidersJo Christensen
    Rouge RidersKathleen Ratcliff
    Rouge RidersLisa Anselmo Marnach
    Rouge RidersMargie Woodford
  • TeamNameMemberName
    Team RC Painting*Kathleen Pillo (captain)*
    Team RC PaintingAndie Ahlfors
    Team RC PaintingCortney Honan
    Team RC PaintingLaurissa Everett-Bolfin
    Team RC PaintingBenjamin Westling
    Team RC PaintingBobbie Knapp
    Team RC PaintingGuy Cheek
    Team RC PaintingJennifer Bloor
    Team RC PaintingJessica Cobbley
    Team RC PaintingKaren Bumgarner
    Team RC PaintingKathy Bray
    Team RC PaintingMike Cobbley
    Team RC PaintingRandy Cowin
    Team RC PaintingRobin Burns
    Team RC PaintingSheri Cook
  • TeamNameMemberName
    Team Turn-It or Burn-It*Mary Krauss (captain)*
    Team Turn-It or Burn-ItPaul Latiolais
    Team Turn-It or Burn-ItAlexandra Lewis
    Team Turn-It or Burn-ItClara Berner
    Team Turn-It or Burn-ItClara Shumway
    Team Turn-It or Burn-ItDavid Lewis
    Team Turn-It or Burn-ItGreta Berner
    Team Turn-It or Burn-ItJody Shumway
    Team Turn-It or Burn-ItJulia Sayer
    Team Turn-It or Burn-ItMolly Farkas
  • TeamNameMemberName
    Trotting CHAOS*Margie Thorngren (captain)*
    Trotting CHAOSAshley "Erika" Floyd
    Trotting CHAOSCara Jansen
    Trotting CHAOSChuck Cowan
    Trotting CHAOSFred Hanson
    Trotting CHAOSHannah Conrad
    Trotting CHAOSJames Robertson
    Trotting CHAOSJennifer Odle
    Trotting CHAOSKatie Hahler
    Trotting CHAOSAnita Tyrrell
    Trotting CHAOSDana Frank
    Trotting CHAOSDarla Westlake
    Trotting CHAOSKathy Harris
    Trotting CHAOSSierra Westlake
  • TeamNameMemberName
    Whoop A$$*Kristen Grace (captain)*
    Whoop A$$David Hendrickson
    Whoop A$$Terrence Doyle
    Whoop A$$Darcy Bean
    Whoop A$$Darlene Merlich
    Whoop A$$Elayne Barclay
    Whoop A$$Jeff Tryens
    Whoop A$$Lynn Rigney
    Whoop A$$Marlene Moss
    Whoop A$$Max Merlich
    Whoop A$$Michelle Kronsberg
    Whoop A$$Sarah Hockett
    Whoop A$$Stace Moss
    Whoop A$$Tammy Shuck
    Whoop A$$Tom Noll
Last Updated: 5/25/2018