2020 Rider Awards

Note: Due to COVID, awards will be different in 2020. The only awards planned are those which don't involve riders/horses competing with each other. So the below is for entertainment purposes only. We hope to be back to our regularly scheduled competitions in 2021!

"My First 100" and Jr 100 Mile will still be awarded and presented at the 2022 Convention which will be for 2021 and applicable 2020 awards.


My First 100 - Sponsored by Charleen Farrell


A rider of any age having completed their first one-day 100-mile event is celebrated.

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION: The first completed one-day 100-mile event must be witin the PNER region
and the minimum completion requirement does not apply.  An enrollment submittal must be sent to the Awards 
Coordinator at awards@pner.net by December 1 to verify eligibility requirements have been met.  A list of eligible
recipients will be forwarded to the award sponsor.


Junior 100-Mile - Sponsored by Layne Lewis

Any Junior rider completing a one-day 100-mile event within the PNER region is honored.

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  The minimum completion requirement does not apply