2024 Horse & Rider Awards


Top 25 Senior Rider & Horse

The explicit pairing of one horse and one Senior rider accumulating the most points on rides of any distance.  
(Points on both limited distance and endurance events are counted.)

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  The minimum completion requirement applies.


PlaceMemberPNER IDHorseHorse IDTotal PointsTotal MilesMinimum Eligibility Met
1Max Merlich3763Layla's Knightly Getaway14918500200Yes
2Carol Giles1004SAR A Fancy Havana11475431.25175Yes
3Lynn Atcheson4761Texas Bandit17001386230Yes
4Melissa Laws3923BES Little Wanderer14949325150Yes
5David Laws4704Che Ole11399315150Yes
6Rory Lengtat10462Kentucky Jim12786315160Yes
7Leah Cain9633Cain Jesse James16728315200Yes
8Suzanne Hayes883Darc Legacy (Pitch)17190315150Yes
9Jody Shumway4455BES Sunset in Sisco17002300150Yes
10Tara Quinn9346Al-Marah Cash Racer (Cash)16830290200Yes
11Danielle Delamater9364Happy Jack17501280200Yes
12Nicole Kinsey3802Phyre Storm Z11000280200Yes
13Greta Berner4272Huckleberry17169278.75125No
14Stace Moss4614Cerro Blanco16072270200Yes
15Rebecca Lengtat4946SCA Vision 17481230150Yes
16Vicki Nickels4917TCA IMA Famous Star11418230140Yes
17Sarah Hockett4709SAR Rockn Mialuna17080225150Yes
18Joyce Sousa9272Shahs Gold Nugget16285210100No
19Bradley Drake9972Sedona's Coy Raven17065200100No
20Kelsey Corey4923Another Mans Treasure12873192.5150Yes
21James Robertson4424Winfield1025917580Yes
22Connie Holloway4527DWA Papillon17217165125Yes
23Danielle Delamater9364Houston We Have a Problem16085165150Yes
24Gina Rice9873RR Dymond Tiki16638162.5125No
25Tamara Baysinger9720Rosies Atlas16886150100No
26Stephanie Delahunt9888Red Hero16663150100No
27Emilee Randal10596WMA Burning Fire11502150100No
28Rebecca Lengtat4946Kentucky Jim12786150100No
29Cristina Vaughan10124Tango Kane17017150100Yes
30Katrin Levermann4231Double Exposure PW10832150100No
31Dawn Gray9553ANGELO1633015050No
32Bradley Drake9972Soldiers Snowboots1697615050No
33Sandra Cheek1005JV Shyanna16757142.575No
34Jo Christensen4693Beau1674614075No
35Sara Anderson9969HCC Elessar +/9669140100No
36Erin Putnam4601Oreo823813575No
37Debbie Johnston4633Goldyn Jubileih1279313590Yes
38Catherine Cook6031DWA Zifhaffir1143913075No
39Tani Bates2271JV Jericho16822130100No
40Connie Holloway4527DWA Barack11697130100No
41Marlene Moss4613SA Alamo12784130100No
42Jennifer Kaplan4298Rogelio1753512550No
43Nora Mains9318Marvelous Portia1610412285Yes
44Mary Krauss Berner4225Sky's The Limit (Sky)17171121.87575No
45Andrea Hurn3408Bottled Jazz16633115100Yes
46Leilani Nichols10242Coal16815112.575No
47Bonnie Girod4945HOS Bedouin Legend1691811050No
48Nicole Kinsey3802Storm Chaser K1142611050No
49Alexandra Lewis4477Alexander Hamilton1666111050No
50Jennifer Leach9818Beauty's Harley891411050No
51Mari Smultea3866Galileo17279110100No
52Tami Bromley4120Sharif1747410685Yes
53Katie Daley9982Three Socks1159210550No
54Krista Gerdes6076Yellow Hawk's Phoenix12858105105Yes
55Sheri Weast9668West Wind Dragon16562105100No
56Jillian Sparkes3903DMA Tyrian1670010550No
57Sharalyn Hay4438Xtreme Surprise11002105105Yes
58Stephanie Delahunt9888Chuck Norris1693210480No
59Jessica Valtierra9651Two Step Betty LTH1758210290Yes
60Laura Rheingans9846OT Dyamonte Santo1639310050No
61Siri Olson3354KS Hot Romie1744410050No
62Julie Serres3673OWR Astro1606110050No
63Lisa Cohen9248Storming Liberty (Liberty)161629355No
64David Steckler4937Eclipse1669092.580Yes
65Laura Rheingans9846Amerikas Nabiel (Nile)174859050No
66Shirah Kosydar10545River108839050No
67Bobbi Walker4687Last Chance MF171589050No
68Shelah Wetter4940The Karate Kid174349050No
69Sherry Andrus9815Obi173388955No
70Paul Latiolais3516McCurdys Limited Edition (Bob)128598880No
71Darlene Merlich2614TCF Miles High104688755No
72Beth Meenaghan9551Foxy Warrior168438585Yes
73Sherrilyn Roth10517WMA Fire Opal175248555No
74Karen Bumgarner382HH Storm Runner1652982.575Yes
75Mari Smultea3866Magic Prima1698182.575No
76Siri Olson3354EZ To B Perfect109948050No
77Siri Olson3354Detailed Legacy112988050No
78Jala Neufeld4417DCL Mooi Lucia (Lucy)172738075No
79Jessica Valtierra9651VS Argo163778075No
80Joanna Hansen10524Glory's Princess1749977.550No
81Lindsay Fisher9667DWA Hercules1724077.575No
82Joan Zachary4948Rosita166507525No
83Kara Henry3651Autumnwind LegaZi171097575Yes
84Jessica Wilson10306A Penny saved 170537550No
85Veronica Simpson9650Monk89847525No
86Kevin Eichhorn4299RC Elinor (Gwen)175297530No
87Alexandra Lewis4477Buckminister Bey (Satchel)175037525No
88Victoria Marsh9322Pip the Pony175237575No
89Mary Krauss Berner4225Huckleberry171697050No
90Kelsey Corey4923Rushcreek Fiscus115076630No
91Kay Ickes4755Bodie172566550No
92Kristen Grace4115Shady Little Diva (Pepper)175286550No
93Greta Berner4272Sky's The Limit (Sky)171716550No
94Jody Shumway4455JL Forrari175426550No
95Veronica Simpson9650VS Argo1637762.555No
96Kathleen Ratcliff4624Makalu's Chance1126262.525No
97Melissa Sullivan9934Jitter Bug172286155No
98Aaron Drake10126Sedona's Coy Raven170656030No
99Jennifer Jacobson4736On The Wild Side170276050No
100Jamethiel Morse4730Tarma171656055No
101Shelah Wetter4940Wild Ride (aka Viper)173046050No
102Shoshana Baird10376CR Aul Ablaze173395550No
103Laura Rheingans9846On The Wild Side170275550No
104Elizabeth Ecklund4715Konfettis Moonstruck166375525No
105Lorna Christopherson4482Nia170545555No
106Andrea Andrews9385SVR French Heat175095555No
107Kim Elkins4486With Xhileration175345555No
108Catherine Cook6031Bodie172565555No
109Jessica Wilson10306AA Arikhem164795050No
110Merri Melde4963Owyhee Shotgun Rider (Willi)114715050No
111Sherry Andrus9815Afirecracker WCF175105050No
112Holly Rouska4125Darq Zephyr163705050No
113Nance Worman2862Gold N Diva160445025No
114Christine Karas9578Hsinnderella KF169225050No
115Sally Melendrez9858Red Hero166635050No
116Jennifer Jacobson4736Far Awat Smooth Cat175205050No
117Kristen Grace4115Last Chance MF171585050No
118Leilani Nichols10242Griffins Flight (Griffin)172525050No
119Debbie Johnston4633Catch Fire G (Mr G)172245025No
120Shirah Kosydar10545Coal168155050No
121Nicola Maughn6174MV FABULOSE EMPRESSIONS ()162045050No
122Sally Melendrez9858Layla's Knightly Getaway149184830No
123Sally Melendrez9858Jakarta Princess (Quinn)170584025No
124Debbie Johnston4633Zayne172894025No
125Emilee Randal10596Farhan DA1753937.525No
126Nance Worman2862Apaches Miss Rebeckah173063630No
127Naomi Preston3922Fire Mt Malabar77123525No
128Mary Krauss Berner4225Annie 172663525No
129Jessica Valtierra9651Monk89843525No
130Amy Jones9812Umpqua Taz (Theo)174223525No
131Kathleen Dunham Pillo3965WB Leyla113883330No
132Reyana Zuber10192Rio1677332.525No
133Stephanie Kuo10109Dark Laced Galaxy1698932.525No
134Lee Pearce3921JAC Winterhawk972732.525No
135Kimber Skaggs10321Firefly174373030No
136Lora Bannan4707Caspian175073030No
137Nance Worman2862Omega175973030No
138Jackelyn Hafla6114Magnificent Seven175853030No
139Bonnie Bolender6125Beau167463030No
140Joy Girod9906Friska166983030No
141Erin Hafla9504Felix174573030No
142Erin Hafla9504Ivan170343030No
143Kirstin Vanderhoek4536Maude 170503030No
144Karen Pate9631Statesmans Eagle1668327.525No
145Marlene Moss4613SA Admiral171592525No
146Patricia Frahm3777BPR Jasmine Blu117352525No
147Bianca Chevalier3498Jakartas Vision160312525No
148Monica Moss10300MOMS FAIRNESS (LEGO)175462525No
149Janine Engel7167Dreamlifter139302525No
150Brian Andrews9345RCR Whirlabout111982525No
151Simone Mauhl4978Boogey96542525No
152Mary Krauss Berner4225Oliver Cow115252525No
153Cheri Van Bebber4977SAR Smokey Phantom149442525No
154Don Depuy3270Pacorro (Paco)173242525No
155Barbara Ott1557Natalia PFF (TYYA)93892525No
156Greta Berner4272Annie 172662525No
157April Depuy3271Eufalla88092525No
158Reyana Zuber10192Echstazy103552525No
159Kirstin Vanderhoek4536Wite Hot Hail Storm (Maude)175272525No
160Vanessa Veitch4641El Jireh Tsarabu112962525No
161Nancy Neuman10115Stormy165712525No


Top 10 Junior Rider & Horse 

The explicit pairing of one horse and one Junior rider accumulating the most points on rides of any distance.  
(Points on both limited distance and endurance events are counted.)

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  The minimum completion requirement applies.


PlaceMemberPNER IDHorseHorse IDTotal PointsTotal MilesMinimum Eligibility Met
1Roriana Lengtat9857Rowdy13920450300Yes
2Bentley French10308Aelfleah Ananda17216237.5140Yes
3Clara Shumway4737To The Max CH16632200150Yes
4Olivia Valtierra9834Mocha Chino17238155190Yes
5Alina Hildreth 10413NVF Technicolor Vision16931150100No
6Roriana Lengtat9857SCA Pursuit17502125100No
7Joslynn Terry4896PV Heart of Gold17497112.575Yes
8Joslynn Terry4896HCC Tetherow Joe16082100100No
9Emilee Randal Jr10112WMA Burning Fire11502100100No
10Hailey Fisher 9928DWA Diva1723987.575No
11Brianna Girod9589Dixon166107530No
12Nicole Mayfield4648Doublemint Black Scamp107166030No
13Alina Hildreth 10413Red Hero166634530No
14Ava Depizzol 9800Orzel175943030No
15Avery Rose Marie Gerdes9624TCF Miles High104682525No


Top 3 State/Province Senior Rider & Horse

The explicit pairing of one horse and one Senior rider accumulating the most points on rides of any distance
in the state or province in which the member resides.  Only rides in the rider’s home state or province are
counted for these standings (except Montana riders whose point totals will include any ride recognized
by PNER).  Points on both limited distance and endurance events are counted.

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  For purposes of this award residence is defined as the mailing
address on file with PNER.  The minimum completion requirement applies.


1Vicki Nickels4917TCA IMA Famous StarID230Yes
2Leah Cain9633Cain Jesse JamesID185Yes
3Debbie Johnston4633Goldyn JubileihID135Yes
4Tami Bromley4120SharifID106Yes
5Jessica Valtierra9651Two Step Betty LTHID102Yes
6Connie Holloway4527DWA PapillonID85Yes
7Danielle Delamater9364Houston We Have a ProblemID50Yes
8Catherine Cook6031DWA ZifhaffirID130No
9Connie Holloway4527DWA BarackID130No
10Jennifer Leach9818Beauty's HarleyID110No
11Laura Rheingans9846OT Dyamonte SantoID100No
12Joan Zachary4948RositaID75No
13Jessica Wilson10306A Penny saved ID75No
14Veronica Simpson9650VS ArgoID62.5No
15Sheri Weast9668West Wind DragonID55No
16Catherine Cook6031BodieID55No
17Jessica Wilson10306AA ArikhemID50No
18Debbie Johnston4633Catch Fire G (Mr G)ID50No
19Nance Worman2862Gold N DivaID50No
20Debbie Johnston4633ZayneID40No
21Nance Worman2862Apaches Miss RebeckahID36No
22Jessica Valtierra9651MonkID35No
23Jessica Valtierra9651VS ArgoID30No
24Erin Hafla9504FelixID30No
25Erin Hafla9504IvanID30No
26Jackelyn Hafla6114Magnificent SevenID30No
27Bonnie Bolender6125BeauID30No
28Nance Worman2862OmegaID30No
29Lindsay Fisher9667DWA HerculesID27.5No
30Patricia Frahm3777BPR Jasmine BluID25No
31Tamara Baysinger9720HHR JammazonID0No
32Merri Melde4963Owyhee Shotgun Rider (Willi)ID0No
33Mike Cobbley4573Khalid SanaaID0No
34Monica Moss10300Soverign WillID0No
35Layne Lewis2868Rosies AtlasID0No


1Suzanne Hayes883Darc Legacy (Pitch)MT315Yes
2Jo Christensen4693BeauMT140No
3Jennifer Kaplan4298RogelioMT125No
4Bonnie Girod4945HOS Bedouin LegendMT110No
5Kevin Eichhorn4299RC Elinor (Gwen)MT75No
6Joy Girod9906FriskaMT30No
7Nancy Neuman10115StormyMT25No
8Suzanne Hayes883SanstormmMT0No


1Carol Giles1004SAR A Fancy HavanaOR431.25Yes
2Tara Quinn9346Al-Marah Cash Racer (Cash)OR290Yes
3Max Merlich3763Layla's Knightly GetawayOR270Yes
4Stace Moss4614Cerro BlancoOR270Yes
5Sarah Hockett4709SAR Rockn MialunaOR225Yes
6David Laws4704Che OleOR195Yes
7Melissa Laws3923BES Little WandererOR180Yes
8Nora Mains9318Marvelous PortiaOR122Yes
9Sharalyn Hay4438Xtreme SurpriseOR105Yes
10Krista Gerdes6076Yellow Hawk's PhoenixOR105Yes
11David Steckler4937EclipseOR92.5Yes
12Kara Henry3651Autumnwind LegaZiOR50Yes
13Gina Rice9873RR Dymond TikiOR162.5No
14Stephanie Delahunt9888Red HeroOR150No
15Sara Anderson9969HCC Elessar +/OR140No
16Marlene Moss4613SA AlamoOR130No
17Alexandra Lewis4477Alexander HamiltonOR110No
18Mari Smultea3866GalileoOR110No
19Stephanie Delahunt9888Chuck NorrisOR104No
20Julie Serres3673OWR AstroOR100No
21Lisa Cohen9248Storming Liberty (Liberty)OR93No
22Sherry Andrus9815ObiOR89No
23Paul Latiolais3516McCurdys Limited Edition (Bob)OR88No
24Mari Smultea3866Magic PrimaOR82.5No
25Alexandra Lewis4477Buckminister Bey (Satchel)OR75No
26Kristen Grace4115Shady Little Diva (Pepper)OR65No
27Melissa Sullivan9934Jitter BugOR61No
28Jamethiel Morse4730TarmaOR60No
29Shoshana Baird10376CR Aul AblazeOR55No
30Andrea Andrews9385SVR French HeatOR55No
31Lorna Christopherson4482NiaOR55No
32Kristen Grace4115Last Chance MFOR50No
33Holly Rouska4125Darq ZephyrOR50No
34Christine Karas9578Hsinnderella KFOR50No
35Sherry Andrus9815Afirecracker WCFOR50No
36Sally Melendrez9858Red HeroOR50No
37Sally Melendrez9858Layla's Knightly GetawayOR48No
38Darlene Merlich2614TCF Miles HighOR42No
39Sally Melendrez9858Jakarta Princess (Quinn)OR40No
40Kirstin Vanderhoek4536Maude OR30No
41Lora Bannan4707CaspianOR30No
42Karen Pate9631Statesmans EagleOR27.5No
43Kirstin Vanderhoek4536Wite Hot Hail Storm (Maude)OR25No
44Marlene Moss4613SA AdmiralOR25No
45Don Depuy3270Pacorro (Paco)OR25No
46Janine Engel7167DreamlifterOR25No
47Cheri Van Bebber4977SAR Smokey PhantomOR25No
48April Depuy3271EufallaOR25No
49Bianca Chevalier3498Jakartas VisionOR25No
50Brian Andrews9345RCR WhirlaboutOR25No
51Vanessa Veitch4641El Jireh TsarabuOR25No
52Stephanie Delahunt9888SpartaOR0No
53Ansley McCabe8158SAR FS Valient HeartOR0No
54Jeff Loe6087Hillcreek PyrateOR0No
55Darcy Bean1838HB Aur SquirtOR0No
56Mari Smultea3866Reali-TOR0No
57Lucas Cramer4902Hsinnderella KFOR0No


1Rebecca Lengtat4946SCA Vision WA230Yes
2Cristina Vaughan10124Tango KaneWA150Yes
3Jody Shumway4455BES Sunset in SiscoWA150Yes
4Rory Lengtat10462Kentucky JimWA150Yes
5Kelsey Corey4923Another Mans TreasureWA142.5Yes
6Lynn Atcheson4761Texas BanditWA125Yes
7James Robertson4424WinfieldWA115Yes
8Andrea Hurn3408Bottled JazzWA115Yes
9Beth Meenaghan9551Foxy WarriorWA55Yes
10Dawn Gray9553ANGELOWA150No
11Sandra Cheek1005JV ShyannaWA142.5No
12Greta Berner4272HuckleberryWA110No
13Nicole Kinsey3802Storm Chaser KWA110No
14Katie Daley9982Three SocksWA105No
15Jillian Sparkes3903DMA TyrianWA105No
16Shelah Wetter4940The Karate KidWA90No
17Shirah Kosydar10545RiverWA90No
18Jala Neufeld4417DCL Mooi Lucia (Lucy)WA80No
19Joanna Hansen10524Glory's PrincessWA77.5No
20Victoria Marsh9322Pip the PonyWA75No
21Mary Krauss Berner4225HuckleberryWA70No
22Kelsey Corey4923Rushcreek FiscusWA66No
23Jody Shumway4455JL ForrariWA65No
24Greta Berner4272Sky's The Limit (Sky)WA65No
25Kathleen Ratcliff4624Makalu's ChanceWA62.5No
26Leilani Nichols10242CoalWA62.5No
27Jennifer Jacobson4736On The Wild SideWA60No
28Shelah Wetter4940Wild Ride (aka Viper)WA60No
29Elizabeth Ecklund4715Konfettis MoonstruckWA55No
30Kim Elkins4486With XhilerationWA55No
31Mary Krauss Berner4225Annie WA35No
32Amy Jones9812Umpqua Taz (Theo)WA35No
33Kathleen Dunham Pillo3965WB LeylaWA33No
34Reyana Zuber10192RioWA32.5No
35Stephanie Kuo10109Dark Laced GalaxyWA32.5No
36Kimber Skaggs10321FireflyWA30No
37Mary Krauss Berner4225Oliver CowWA25No
38Barbara Ott1557Natalia PFF (TYYA)WA25No
39Greta Berner4272Annie WA25No
40Guy Cheek2230JV TrinidadWA0No
41Leilani Nichols10242Griffins Flight (Griffin)WA0No

British Columbia




Top 3 State/Province Junior Rider & Horse

The explicit pairing of one horse and one Junior rider accumulating the most points on rides of any distance in the state or province in which the member resides.  Only rides in the rider’s home state or province are counted for these standings (except Montana riders whose point totals will include any ride recognized by PNER).  Points on both limited distance and endurance events are counted.

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  For purposes of this award residence is defined as the mailing address on file with PNER.  The minimum completion requirement applies.


1Bentley French10308Aelfleah AnandaID237.5Yes
2Olivia Valtierra9834Mocha ChinoID155Yes
3Emilee Randal Jr10112WMA Burning FireID100No
4Hailey Fisher 9928DWA DivaID37.5No


1Brianna Girod9589DixonMT75No
2Ava Depizzol 9800OrzelMT30No
3Ava Depizzol 9800TaladegaMT0No


1Joslynn Terry4896PV Heart of GoldOR62.5Yes
2Alina Hildreth 10413NVF Technicolor VisionOR150No
3Joslynn Terry4896HCC Tetherow JoeOR100No
4Alina Hildreth 10413Red HeroOR45No
5Avery Rose Marie Gerdes9624TCF Miles HighOR25No


1Roriana Lengtat9857RowdyWA75Yes
2Clara Shumway4737To The Max CHWA50Yes
3Roriana Lengtat9857SCA PursuitWA125No
4Nicole Mayfield4648Doublemint Black ScampWA60No

British Columbia



Top 5 Limited Distance High Mileage Senior Rider & Horse

The explicit pairing of one horse and one Senior rider accumulating the most miles on limited distance 

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  The minimum completion requirement applies.


PlaceMemberPNER IDHorseHorse IDTotal MilesMinimum Eligibility Met
1Vicki Nickels4917TCA IMA Famous Star11418140Yes
2Rory Lengtat10462Kentucky Jim12786110Yes
3Debbie Johnston4633Goldyn Jubileih1279390Yes
4Jessica Valtierra9651Two Step Betty LTH1758290Yes
5Beth Meenaghan9551Foxy Warrior1684385Yes
6Nora Mains9318Marvelous Portia1610485Yes
7Tami Bromley4120Sharif1747485Yes
8David Steckler4937Eclipse1669080Yes
9James Robertson4424Winfield1025980Yes
10Kara Henry3651Autumnwind LegaZi1710975Yes
11Karen Bumgarner382HH Storm Runner1652975Yes
12Jamethiel Morse4730Tarma1716555No
13Kim Elkins4486With Xhileration1753455No
14Krista Gerdes6076Yellow Hawk's Phoenix1285855No
15Lisa Cohen9248Storming Liberty (Liberty)1616255No
16Lorna Christopherson4482Nia1705455No
17Darlene Merlich2614TCF Miles High1046855No
18Andrea Andrews9385SVR French Heat1750955No
19Veronica Simpson9650VS Argo1637755No
20Melissa Sullivan9934Jitter Bug1722855No
21Sharalyn Hay4438Xtreme Surprise1100255No
22Sherrilyn Roth10517WMA Fire Opal1752455No
23Sherry Andrus9815Obi1733855No
24Andrea Hurn3408Bottled Jazz1663350No
25Christine Karas9578Hsinnderella KF1692250No
26Cristina Vaughan10124Tango Kane1701750No
27Kelsey Corey4923Another Mans Treasure1287350No
28Jennifer Leach9818Beauty's Harley891450No
29Jillian Sparkes3903DMA Tyrian1670050No
30Joanna Hansen10524Glory's Princess1749950No
31Joy Girod9906Friska1669830No
32Kelsey Corey4923Rushcreek Fiscus1150730No
33Kevin Eichhorn4299RC Elinor (Gwen)1752930No
34Kathleen Dunham Pillo3965WB Leyla1138830No
35Kimber Skaggs10321Firefly1743730No
36Kirstin Vanderhoek4536Maude 1705030No
37Lora Bannan4707Caspian1750730No
38Jackelyn Hafla6114Magnificent Seven1758530No
39Erin Hafla9504Felix1745730No
40Erin Hafla9504Ivan1703430No
41Bonnie Bolender6125Beau1674630No
42Aaron Drake10126Sedona's Coy Raven1706530No
43Stephanie Delahunt9888Chuck Norris1693230No
44Sally Melendrez9858Layla's Knightly Getaway1491830No
45Paul Latiolais3516McCurdys Limited Edition (Bob)1285930No
46Nance Worman2862Apaches Miss Rebeckah1730630No
47Nance Worman2862Omega1759730No
48Nancy Neuman10115Stormy1657125No
49Naomi Preston3922Fire Mt Malabar771225No
50Nance Worman2862Gold N Diva1604425No
51Patricia Frahm3777BPR Jasmine Blu1173525No
52Monica Moss10300MOMS FAIRNESS (LEGO)1754625No
53Lynn Atcheson4761Texas Bandit1700125No
54Mari Smultea3866Magic Prima1698125No
55Marlene Moss4613SA Admiral1715925No
56Mary Krauss Berner4225Annie 1726625No
57Mary Krauss Berner4225Oliver Cow1152525No
58Reyana Zuber10192Echstazy1035525No
59Reyana Zuber10192Rio1677325No
60Sally Melendrez9858Jakarta Princess (Quinn)1705825No
61Sandra Cheek1005JV Shyanna1675725No
62Lindsay Fisher9667DWA Hercules1724025No
63Simone Mauhl4978Boogey965425No
64Stephanie Kuo10109Dark Laced Galaxy1698925No
65Victoria Marsh9322Pip the Pony1752325No
66Vanessa Veitch4641El Jireh Tsarabu1129625No
67Veronica Simpson9650Monk898425No
68Alexandra Lewis4477Buckminister Bey (Satchel)1750325No
69Amy Jones9812Umpqua Taz (Theo)1742225No
70Bianca Chevalier3498Jakartas Vision1603125No
71April Depuy3271Eufalla880925No
72Barbara Ott1557Natalia PFF (TYYA)938925No
73Brian Andrews9345RCR Whirlabout1119825No
74Connie Holloway4527DWA Papillon1721725No
75Catherine Cook6031DWA Zifhaffir1143925No
76Cheri Van Bebber4977SAR Smokey Phantom1494425No
77Erin Putnam4601Oreo823825No
78Greta Berner4272Annie 1726625No
79Jala Neufeld4417DCL Mooi Lucia (Lucy)1727325No
80Debbie Johnston4633Catch Fire G (Mr G)1722425No
81Debbie Johnston4633Zayne1728925No
82Don Depuy3270Pacorro (Paco)1732425No
83Elizabeth Ecklund4715Konfettis Moonstruck1663725No
84Emilee Randal10596Farhan DA1753925No
85Lee Pearce3921JAC Winterhawk972725No
86Leilani Nichols10242Coal1681525No
87Kirstin Vanderhoek4536Wite Hot Hail Storm (Maude)1752725No
88Kathleen Ratcliff4624Makalu's Chance1126225No
89Karen Pate9631Statesmans Eagle1668325No
90Jo Christensen4693Beau1674625No
91Joan Zachary4948Rosita1665025No
92Jessica Valtierra9651Monk898425No
93Jessica Valtierra9651VS Argo1637725No
94Janine Engel7167Dreamlifter1393025No



Top 3 Limited Distance High Mileage Junior Rider & Horse

The explicit pairing of one horse and one Junior rider accumulating the most miles on limited distance 

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  The minimum completion requirement applies.


PlaceMemberPNER IDHorseHorse IDTotal MilesMinimum Eligibility Met
1Bentley French10308Aelfleah Ananda17216140Yes
2Olivia Valtierra9834Mocha Chino17238140Yes
3Joslynn Terry4896PV Heart of Gold1749775Yes
4Nicole Mayfield4648Doublemint Black Scamp1071630No
5Brianna Girod9589Dixon1661030No
6Alina Hildreth 10413Red Hero1666330No
7Ava Depizzol 9800Orzel1759430No
8Avery Rose Marie Gerdes9624TCF Miles High1046825No
9Hailey Fisher 9928DWA Diva1723925No




This award honors the legacy of Harold “Sandy” Sanders and his little Arabian stallion, Sandybaar.  The
duo competed in the PNER region in the early years of the sport and their record includes over 2,500
miles without a single pull and they were a top national rider/horse combination in the mid-1970s.

Recognition is given to the explicit pairing of one rider (of any age) and one horse with a minimum of 
10 consecutive ride completions during a single ride season.  (Limited distance and/or endurance 
events are counted.)  A pull puts the count back to zero unless the rider and horse have already 
successfully completed 10 consecutive events.


1Olivia Valtierra9834Mocha Chino172381906
2Bentley French10308Aelfleah Ananda172161405
3Lynn Atcheson4761Texas Bandit170012305
4Roriana Lengtat9857Rowdy139203005
5Rory Lengtat10462Kentucky Jim127861605
6Vicki Nickels4917TCA IMA Famous Star114181405
7Danielle Delamater9364Happy Jack175012004
8Kelsey Corey4923Another Mans Treasure128731504
9Leah Cain9633Cain Jesse James167282004
10Andrea Hurn3408Bottled Jazz166331003
11Beth Meenaghan9551Foxy Warrior16843853
12Carol Giles1004SAR A Fancy Havana114751753
13Connie Holloway4527DWA Papillon172171253
14Cristina Vaughan10124Tango Kane170171003
15David Steckler4937Eclipse16690803
16Debbie Johnston4633Goldyn Jubileih12793903
17James Robertson4424Winfield10259803
18Jessica Valtierra9651Two Step Betty LTH17582903
19Joslynn Terry4896PV Heart of Gold17497753
20Kara Henry3651Autumnwind LegaZi17109753
21Karen Bumgarner382HH Storm Runner16529753
22Krista Gerdes6076Yellow Hawk's Phoenix128581053
23Max Merlich3763Layla's Knightly Getaway149182003
24Nora Mains9318Marvelous Portia16104853
25Rebecca Lengtat4946SCA Vision 174811503
26Sarah Hockett4709SAR Rockn Mialuna170801503
27Sharalyn Hay4438Xtreme Surprise110021053
28Stace Moss4614Cerro Blanco160722003
29Tami Bromley4120Sharif17474853
30Tara Quinn9346Al-Marah Cash Racer (Cash)168302003
31Alina Hildreth 10413NVF Technicolor Vision169311002
32Andrea Andrews9385SVR French Heat17509552
33Bradley Drake9972Sedona's Coy Raven170651002
34Catherine Cook6031DWA Zifhaffir11439752
35Christine Karas9578Hsinnderella KF16922502
36Connie Holloway4527DWA Barack116971002
37Darlene Merlich2614TCF Miles High10468552
38David Laws4704Che Ole113991502
39Emilee Randal Jr10112WMA Burning Fire115021002
40Erin Putnam4601Oreo8238752
41Gina Rice9873RR Dymond Tiki166381252
42Greta Berner4272Huckleberry171691252
43Hailey Fisher 9928DWA Diva17239752
44Jala Neufeld4417DCL Mooi Lucia (Lucy)17273752
45Jamethiel Morse4730Tarma17165552
46Jennifer Leach9818Beauty's Harley8914502
47Jessica Valtierra9651VS Argo16377752
48Jillian Sparkes3903DMA Tyrian16700502
49Jo Christensen4693Beau16746752
50Joanna Hansen10524Glory's Princess17499502
51Joslynn Terry4896HCC Tetherow Joe160821002
52Kim Elkins4486With Xhileration17534552
53Leilani Nichols10242Coal16815752
54Lindsay Fisher9667DWA Hercules17240752
55Lisa Cohen9248Storming Liberty (Liberty)16162552
56Lorna Christopherson4482Nia17054552
57Mari Smultea3866Magic Prima16981752
58Mari Smultea3866Galileo172791002
59Marlene Moss4613SA Alamo127841002
60Melissa Laws3923BES Little Wanderer149491502
61Melissa Sullivan9934Jitter Bug17228552
62Roriana Lengtat9857SCA Pursuit175021002
63Sandra Cheek1005JV Shyanna16757752
64Sara Anderson9969HCC Elessar +/96691002
65Sheri Weast9668West Wind Dragon165621002
66Sherrilyn Roth10517WMA Fire Opal17524552
67Sherry Andrus9815Obi17338552
68Stephanie Delahunt9888Chuck Norris16932802
69Suzanne Hayes883Darc Legacy (Pitch)171901502
70Veronica Simpson9650VS Argo16377552
71Victoria Marsh9322Pip the Pony17523752
72Aaron Drake10126Sedona's Coy Raven17065301
73Alexandra Lewis4477Alexander Hamilton16661501
74Alexandra Lewis4477Buckminister Bey (Satchel)17503251
75Alina Hildreth 10413Red Hero16663301
76April Depuy3271Eufalla8809251
77Ava Depizzol 9800Orzel17594301
78Avery Rose Marie Gerdes9624TCF Miles High10468251
79Barbara Ott1557Natalia PFF (TYYA)9389251
80Bianca Chevalier3498Jakartas Vision16031251
81Bobbi Walker4687Last Chance MF17158501
82Bonnie Bolender6125Beau16746301
83Bonnie Girod4945HOS Bedouin Legend16918501
84Brian Andrews9345RCR Whirlabout11198251
85Brianna Girod9589Dixon16610301
86Catherine Cook6031Bodie17256551
87Cheri Van Bebber4977SAR Smokey Phantom14944251
88Clara Shumway4737To The Max CH166321001
89Dawn Gray9553ANGELO16330501
90Debbie Johnston4633Catch Fire G (Mr G)17224251
91Debbie Johnston4633Zayne17289251
92Don Depuy3270Pacorro (Paco)17324251
93Elizabeth Ecklund4715Konfettis Moonstruck16637251
94Emilee Randal10596WMA Burning Fire115021001
95Emilee Randal10596Farhan DA17539251
96Erin Hafla9504Ivan17034301
97Erin Hafla9504Felix17457301
98Greta Berner4272Sky's The Limit (Sky)17171501
99Greta Berner4272Annie 17266251
100Guy Cheek2230JV Trinidad16021501
101Jackelyn Hafla6114Magnificent Seven17585301
102Janine Engel7167Dreamlifter13930251
103Jennifer Jacobson4736On The Wild Side17027501
104Jennifer Jacobson4736Far Awat Smooth Cat17520501
105Jennifer Kaplan4298Rogelio17535501
106Jessica Valtierra9651Monk8984251
107Jessica Wilson10306AA Arikhem16479501
108Joan Zachary4948Rosita16650251
109Jody Shumway4455BES Sunset in Sisco170021001
110Jody Shumway4455JL Forrari17542501
111Joy Girod9906Friska16698301
112Joyce Sousa9272Shahs Gold Nugget162851001
113Karen Pate9631Statesmans Eagle16683251
114Kathleen Dunham Pillo3965WB Leyla11388301
115Kathleen Ratcliff4624Makalu's Chance11262251
116Katie Daley9982Three Socks11592501
117Katrin Levermann4231Double Exposure PW108321001
118Kay Ickes4755Bodie17256501
119Kelsey Corey4923Rushcreek Fiscus11507301
120Kevin Eichhorn4299RC Elinor (Gwen)17529301
121Kimber Skaggs10321Firefly17437301
122Kirstin Vanderhoek4536Maude 17050301
123Kirstin Vanderhoek4536Wite Hot Hail Storm (Maude)17527251
124Kristen Grace4115Last Chance MF17158501
125Kristen Grace4115Shady Little Diva (Pepper)17528501
126Laura Rheingans9846OT Dyamonte Santo16393501
127Laura Rheingans9846On The Wild Side17027501
128Laura Rheingans9846Amerikas Nabiel (Nile)17485501
129Lee Pearce3921JAC Winterhawk9727251
130Leilani Nichols10242Griffins Flight (Griffin)17252501
131Lora Bannan4707Caspian17507301
132Marlene Moss4613SA Admiral17159251
133Mary Krauss Berner4225Oliver Cow11525251
134Mary Krauss Berner4225Huckleberry17169501
135Mary Krauss Berner4225Sky's The Limit (Sky)17171751
136Mary Krauss Berner4225Annie 17266251
137Monica Moss10300MOMS FAIRNESS (LEGO)17546251
138Nance Worman2862Apaches Miss Rebeckah17306301
139Nance Worman2862Omega17597301
140Nancy Neuman10115Stormy16571251
141Naomi Preston3922Fire Mt Malabar7712251
142Nicola Maughn6174MV FABULOSE EMPRESSIONS ()16204501
143Nicole Kinsey3802Phyre Storm Z110001001
144Nicole Kinsey3802Storm Chaser K11426501
145Nicole Mayfield4648Doublemint Black Scamp10716301
146Patricia Frahm3777BPR Jasmine Blu11735251
147Rebecca Lengtat4946Kentucky Jim127861001
148Reyana Zuber10192Echstazy10355251
149Reyana Zuber10192Rio16773251
150Sally Melendrez9858Layla's Knightly Getaway14918301
151Sally Melendrez9858Red Hero16663501
152Sally Melendrez9858Jakarta Princess (Quinn)17058251
153Shelah Wetter4940Wild Ride (aka Viper)17304501
154Sherry Andrus9815Afirecracker WCF17510501
155Shirah Kosydar10545Coal16815501
156Shoshana Baird10376CR Aul Ablaze17339501
157Simone Mauhl4978Boogey9654251
158Siri Olson3354EZ To B Perfect10994501
159Siri Olson3354Detailed Legacy11298501
160Siri Olson3354KS Hot Romie17444501
161Stephanie Delahunt9888Red Hero166631001
162Stephanie Kuo10109Dark Laced Galaxy16989251
163Tamara Baysinger9720Rosies Atlas168861001
164Vanessa Veitch4641El Jireh Tsarabu11296251
165Veronica Simpson9650Monk8984251


Top 3 100-Mile Senior Rider & Horse - Sponsored by The Terry Family

The explicit pairing of one horse and one Senior rider accumulating the most completions on
one-day 100-mile distance events throughout the ride season is recognized.  Points break any ties.

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  The minimum completion requirement does not
apply but a minimum of two PNER one-day 100-mile distance events must be completed for the


1Max Merlich3763Layla's Knightly Getaway149181270
2Joyce Sousa9272Shahs Gold Nugget162851210
3David Laws4704Che Ole113991195
4Melissa Laws3923BES Little Wanderer149491180
5Suzanne Hayes883Darc Legacy (Pitch)171901165
6Tamara Baysinger9720Rosies Atlas168861150
7Tara Quinn9346Al-Marah Cash Racer (Cash)168301150
8Nicole Kinsey3802Phyre Storm Z110001150
9Rebecca Lengtat4946Kentucky Jim127861150
10Stace Moss4614Cerro Blanco160721150
11Stephanie Delahunt9888Red Hero166631150
12Emilee Randal10596WMA Burning Fire115021150
13Jody Shumway4455BES Sunset in Sisco170021150
14Katrin Levermann4231Double Exposure PW108321150


Animal Horse - Sponsored by Dory Jackson

The explicit pairing of one horse and one rider (of any age) accumulating the most consecutive miles 
of any distance during the ride season.  A pull returns the mileage count to zero and the pair start 
over.  (Miles on both limited distance and endurance distance events are counted.)

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  The minimum completion requirement applies.


PlaceMemberNamePNERIDHorseHorseIDmilesMinimum Eligibility Met
1Roriana Lengtat9857Rowdy13920300Yes
2Lynn Atcheson4761Texas Bandit17001230Yes
3Danielle Delamater9364Happy Jack17501200Yes
4Leah Cain9633Cain Jesse James16728200Yes
5Max Merlich3763Layla's Knightly Getaway14918200Yes
6Stace Moss4614Cerro Blanco16072200Yes
7Tara Quinn9346Al-Marah Cash Racer (Cash)16830200Yes
8Olivia Valtierra9834Mocha Chino17238190Yes
9Carol Giles1004SAR A Fancy Havana11475175Yes
10Rory Lengtat10462Kentucky Jim12786160Yes
11David Laws4704Che Ole11399150Yes
12Kelsey Corey4923Another Mans Treasure12873150Yes
13Melissa Laws3923BES Little Wanderer14949150Yes
14Rebecca Lengtat4946SCA Vision 17481150Yes
15Sarah Hockett4709SAR Rockn Mialuna17080150Yes
16Suzanne Hayes883Darc Legacy (Pitch)17190150Yes
17Bentley French10308Aelfleah Ananda17216140Yes
18Vicki Nickels4917TCA IMA Famous Star11418140Yes
19Connie Holloway4527DWA Papillon17217125Yes
20Gina Rice9873RR Dymond Tiki16638125No
21Greta Berner4272Huckleberry17169125No
22Krista Gerdes6076Yellow Hawk's Phoenix12858105Yes
23Sharalyn Hay4438Xtreme Surprise11002105Yes
24Alina Hildreth 10413NVF Technicolor Vision16931100No
25Andrea Hurn3408Bottled Jazz16633100Yes
26Bradley Drake9972Sedona's Coy Raven17065100No
27Clara Shumway4737To The Max CH16632100Yes
28Connie Holloway4527DWA Barack11697100No
29Cristina Vaughan10124Tango Kane17017100Yes
30Emilee Randal10596WMA Burning Fire11502100No
31Emilee Randal Jr10112WMA Burning Fire11502100No
32Jody Shumway4455BES Sunset in Sisco17002100Yes
33Joslynn Terry4896HCC Tetherow Joe16082100No
34Joyce Sousa9272Shahs Gold Nugget16285100No
35Katrin Levermann4231Double Exposure PW10832100No
36Mari Smultea3866Galileo17279100No
37Marlene Moss4613SA Alamo12784100No
38Nicole Kinsey3802Phyre Storm Z11000100Yes
39Rebecca Lengtat4946Kentucky Jim12786100No
40Roriana Lengtat9857SCA Pursuit17502100No
41Sara Anderson9969HCC Elessar +/9669100No
42Sheri Weast9668West Wind Dragon16562100No
43Stephanie Delahunt9888Red Hero16663100No
44Tamara Baysinger9720Rosies Atlas16886100No
45Debbie Johnston4633Goldyn Jubileih1279390Yes
46Jessica Valtierra9651Two Step Betty LTH1758290Yes
47Beth Meenaghan9551Foxy Warrior1684385Yes
48Nora Mains9318Marvelous Portia1610485Yes
49Tami Bromley4120Sharif1747485Yes
50David Steckler4937Eclipse1669080Yes
51James Robertson4424Winfield1025980Yes
52Stephanie Delahunt9888Chuck Norris1693280No
53Catherine Cook6031DWA Zifhaffir1143975No
54Erin Putnam4601Oreo823875No
55Hailey Fisher 9928DWA Diva1723975No
56Jala Neufeld4417DCL Mooi Lucia (Lucy)1727375No
57Jessica Valtierra9651VS Argo1637775No
58Jo Christensen4693Beau1674675No
59Joslynn Terry4896PV Heart of Gold1749775Yes
60Kara Henry3651Autumnwind LegaZi1710975Yes
61Karen Bumgarner382HH Storm Runner1652975Yes
62Leilani Nichols10242Coal1681575No
63Lindsay Fisher9667DWA Hercules1724075No
64Mari Smultea3866Magic Prima1698175No
65Mary Krauss Berner4225Sky's The Limit (Sky)1717175No
66Sandra Cheek1005JV Shyanna1675775No
67Victoria Marsh9322Pip the Pony1752375No
68Andrea Andrews9385SVR French Heat1750955No
69Catherine Cook6031Bodie1725655No
70Darlene Merlich2614TCF Miles High1046855No
71Jamethiel Morse4730Tarma1716555No
72Kim Elkins4486With Xhileration1753455No
73Lisa Cohen9248Storming Liberty (Liberty)1616255No
74Lorna Christopherson4482Nia1705455No
75Melissa Sullivan9934Jitter Bug1722855No
76Sherrilyn Roth10517WMA Fire Opal1752455No
77Sherry Andrus9815Obi1733855No
78Veronica Simpson9650VS Argo1637755No
79Alexandra Lewis4477Alexander Hamilton1666150No
80Bobbi Walker4687Last Chance MF1715850No
81Bonnie Girod4945HOS Bedouin Legend1691850No
82Christine Karas9578Hsinnderella KF1692250No
83Dawn Gray9553ANGELO1633050No
84Greta Berner4272Sky's The Limit (Sky)1717150No
85Guy Cheek2230JV Trinidad1602150No
86Jennifer Jacobson4736On The Wild Side1702750No
87Jennifer Jacobson4736Far Awat Smooth Cat1752050No
88Jennifer Kaplan4298Rogelio1753550No
89Jennifer Leach9818Beauty's Harley891450No
90Jessica Wilson10306AA Arikhem1647950No
91Jillian Sparkes3903DMA Tyrian1670050No
92Joanna Hansen10524Glory's Princess1749950No
93Jody Shumway4455JL Forrari1754250No
94Katie Daley9982Three Socks1159250No
95Kay Ickes4755Bodie1725650No
96Kristen Grace4115Last Chance MF1715850No
97Kristen Grace4115Shady Little Diva (Pepper)1752850No
98Laura Rheingans9846OT Dyamonte Santo1639350No
99Laura Rheingans9846On The Wild Side1702750No
100Laura Rheingans9846Amerikas Nabiel (Nile)1748550No
101Leilani Nichols10242Griffins Flight (Griffin)1725250No
102Mary Krauss Berner4225Huckleberry1716950No
103Nicola Maughn6174MV FABULOSE EMPRESSIONS ()1620450No
104Nicole Kinsey3802Storm Chaser K1142650No
105Sally Melendrez9858Red Hero1666350No
106Shelah Wetter4940Wild Ride (aka Viper)1730450No
107Sherry Andrus9815Afirecracker WCF1751050No
108Shirah Kosydar10545Coal1681550No
109Shoshana Baird10376CR Aul Ablaze1733950No
110Siri Olson3354EZ To B Perfect1099450No
111Siri Olson3354Detailed Legacy1129850No
112Siri Olson3354KS Hot Romie1744450No
113Aaron Drake10126Sedona's Coy Raven1706530No
114Alina Hildreth 10413Red Hero1666330No
115Ava Depizzol 9800Orzel1759430No
116Bonnie Bolender6125Beau1674630No
117Brianna Girod9589Dixon1661030No
118Erin Hafla9504Ivan1703430No
119Erin Hafla9504Felix1745730No
120Jackelyn Hafla6114Magnificent Seven1758530No
121Joy Girod9906Friska1669830No
122Kathleen Dunham Pillo3965WB Leyla1138830No
123Kelsey Corey4923Rushcreek Fiscus1150730No
124Kevin Eichhorn4299RC Elinor (Gwen)1752930No
125Kimber Skaggs10321Firefly1743730No
126Kirstin Vanderhoek4536Maude 1705030No
127Lora Bannan4707Caspian1750730No
128Nance Worman2862Apaches Miss Rebeckah1730630No
129Nance Worman2862Omega1759730No
130Nicole Mayfield4648Doublemint Black Scamp1071630No
131Sally Melendrez9858Layla's Knightly Getaway1491830No
132Alexandra Lewis4477Buckminister Bey (Satchel)1750325No
133April Depuy3271Eufalla880925No
134Avery Rose Marie Gerdes9624TCF Miles High1046825No
135Barbara Ott1557Natalia PFF (TYYA)938925No
136Bianca Chevalier3498Jakartas Vision1603125No
137Brian Andrews9345RCR Whirlabout1119825No
138Cheri Van Bebber4977SAR Smokey Phantom1494425No
139Debbie Johnston4633Catch Fire G (Mr G)1722425No
140Debbie Johnston4633Zayne1728925No
141Don Depuy3270Pacorro (Paco)1732425No
142Elizabeth Ecklund4715Konfettis Moonstruck1663725No
143Emilee Randal10596Farhan DA1753925No
144Greta Berner4272Annie 1726625No
145Janine Engel7167Dreamlifter1393025No
146Jessica Valtierra9651Monk898425No
147Joan Zachary4948Rosita1665025No
148Karen Pate9631Statesmans Eagle1668325No
149Kathleen Ratcliff4624Makalu's Chance1126225No
150Kirstin Vanderhoek4536Wite Hot Hail Storm (Maude)1752725No
151Lee Pearce3921JAC Winterhawk972725No
152Marlene Moss4613SA Admiral1715925No
153Mary Krauss Berner4225Annie 1726625No
154Mary Krauss Berner4225Oliver Cow1152525No
155Monica Moss10300MOMS FAIRNESS (LEGO)1754625No
156Nancy Neuman10115Stormy1657125No
157Naomi Preston3922Fire Mt Malabar771225No
158Patricia Frahm3777BPR Jasmine Blu1173525No
159Reyana Zuber10192Echstazy1035525No
160Reyana Zuber10192Rio1677325No
161Sally Melendrez9858Jakarta Princess (Quinn)1705825No
162Simone Mauhl4978Boogey965425No
163Stephanie Kuo10109Dark Laced Galaxy1698925No
164Vanessa Veitch4641El Jireh Tsarabu1129625No
165Veronica Simpson9650Monk898425No


Rookie Senior Rider & Horse - Sponsored by Carlene & Wally Benson

This award targets the Senior rider and horse team, both new to the sport.  The intent is to encourage completion over the long run.  Neither rider nor horse can have completed more than 100 miles of endurance and/or limited distance events combined.  The goal is to support the individual who can ride moderately, bring on a younger (or older horse) and produce a safe and consistent performance (ride completion).

The award goes to the rider and horse team with the most consecutive completions on limited distance events and a minimum of three completions is required to qualify for the award.  A pull on a limited distance event puts the count back to zero and total accumulated miles on limited distance events break any ties.

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  This was previously an award requiring a nomination 
form. Since it was often overlooked, it has now been automated. If you are not in the list below, but
believe you should be, please contact points@pnet.net. The minimum completion requirement applies.

PlaceMemberPNER IDHorseHorse IDTotal MilesCompletionsMinimum Eligibility Met
1Aaron Drake10126Sedona's Coy Raven17065301No
2Kimber Skaggs10321Firefly17437301No
3Monica Moss10300MOMS FAIRNESS (LEGO)17546251No
4Nancy Neuman10115Stormy16571251No
5Reyana Zuber10192Rio16773251No



Rookie Junior Rider & Horse - Sponsored by Chad & Jessica Huber

This award targets the Junior rider and horse team, both new to the sport.  The intent is to encourage 
completion over the long run.  Neither rider nor horse can have completed more than 100 miles of 
endurance and/or limited distance events combined.  The goal is to support the individual who can ride
moderately, bring on a younger (or older horse) and produce a safe and consistent performance (ride 

The award goes to the rider and horse team with the most consecutive completions on limited distance 
events and a minimum of three completions is required to qualify for the award.  A pull on a limited 
distance event puts the count back to zero.  Total accumulated miles on limited distance events break
any ties.

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION: This was previously an award requiring a nomination 
form. Since it was often overlooked, it has now been automated. If you are not in the list below, but
believe you should be, please contact points@pnet.net. The minimum completion requirement applies.

PlaceMemberPNER IDHorseHorse IDTotal MilesCompletionsMinimum Eligibility Met


250-Mile Rider & Horse

The explicit pairing of one horse and one rider (of any age) accumulating 250 or more miles during the 
ride season.  (Miles on both limited distance and endurance distance events are counted.)

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  The minimum completion requirement applies.


1Roriana Lengtat9857Rowdy13920300
2Lynn Atcheson4761Texas Bandit17001230
3Danielle Delamater9364Happy Jack17501200
4Stace Moss4614Cerro Blanco16072200
5Max Merlich3763Layla's Knightly Getaway14918200
6Leah Cain9633Cain Jesse James16728200
7Tara Quinn9346Al-Marah Cash Racer (Cash)16830200
8Nicole Kinsey3802Phyre Storm Z11000200


AHA Region IV - High Point Distance Champion & Achievement - Sponsored by Carlene Benson

This horse and rider award recognizes purebred and half-Arabian horses registered with the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) who complete endurance and limited distance events within Region IV – the state of Oregon and southern Idaho.
Up to a maximum of two completed limited distance and any number of endurance rides count toward this award.

Enrolled teams:
• Must accumulate 200 or more points in a season in order to be recognized,
• Receive one point for every mile completed in Region IV events, and
• Receive an extra 0.5 points for each mile completed in the AHA Region IV Championship.

Teams with 200 or more points receive a year-end AHA Region IV award and the team with the highest accumulated number of points receives the AHA Region IV High Point Championship award.

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION: Riders and horse owners must be PNER and AHA members and hold an AHA competition card for the current ride season. Riders are not required to live in Region IV, but only rides in Region IV count toward this award.

Enrollment is not retroactive and must be completed prior to entering the first Region IV event. Enrollment requires the following materials be sent to the award sponsor:
• Copy of the horse’s registration papers,
• Copy of the rider’s AHA competition card,
• Copy of the owner’s AHA competition card, and
• If the rider is not the horse’s owner, a copy of a signed lease must also be provided.

Contact information for award sponsor, Carlene Benson:
Phone: (503) 399-1580
Email: bensonwc@mac.com
Mail: 545 Leslie St SE
        Salem, OR 97301

For information on AHA membership and competition cards, contact Arabians in Motion at http://arabiansinmotion.org/index.html 

HorseTotal PointsEndurance PointsLD PointsAHA OrgEligible
Al-Marah Cash Racer (Cash)200.0200.00.0ArabYes
Phyre Storm Z200.0200.00.0ArabYes
BES Little Wanderer150.0150.00.0ArabNo
TCF Miles High55.00.055.0ArabNo
Last Chance MF50.050.00.0ArabNo
Griffins Flight (Griffin)
Jakartas Vision25.00.025.0ArabNo

HorseTotal PointsEndurance PointsLD PointsAHA OrgEligible
Layla's Knightly Getaway200.0200.00.01/2 ArabYes
Darc Legacy (Pitch)150.0150.00.01/2 ArabNo
TCA IMA Famous Star60.00.060.01/2 ArabNo
Gold N Diva25.00.025.01/2 ArabNo


Region 5 Arabian Horse Association High Point Chase

Note: The AHA Region 5 Endurance High Point award is not an official PNER award, however award information and standings are provided by PNER as a service to our members.  This award targets individuals riding registered Arabians and Half-Arabians.  The award is made possible by Region 5 AHA and PNER member, Jala Neufeld.

This award recognizes all purebred and half‐Arabians registered with the Arabian Horse Association that complete over 150 miles within Region 5 (includes Washington, northern Idaho and western Montana).  The rider and owner (lessee with approved documentation) must be a current member of AHA and have a current competition card with AHA.

Horse/Rider team will receive 1 point per mile for the completed distance (all AERC and EDRA rides count within Region 5) and a bonus of 25 points for the Regional 50-mile Championship. Everyone that has completed 150 miles or more will receive a year-end achievement award and the top Purebred Arabian and Half-Arabian will receive high-point awards.  This award is customarily given at the Region 5 Year End Award Ceremony.

AHA Region 5 Endurance High Point Rules

  • Equine must be registered Arabian or Half-Arabian with AHA
  • Rider must be a current member of Arabian Horse Association
  • Rider must have a current AHA competition card
  • Equine must be nominated prior to first event
  • All limited distance and endurance miles will count.  Note: Trail or Intro Ride miles will not count
  • NOT required to be a member of any additional organizations. 

To nominate please contact Jala Neufeld at dktajay@gmail.com / 253.617.8945.

For AHA registration, membership, and competition card information, check the AHA website:  https://www.arabianhorses.org/

HorseTotal PointsEndurance PointsLD PointsAHA OrgEligible

HorseTotal PointsEndurance PointsLD PointsAHA OrgEligible