2022 Rosters and Standings

2022 Team Standings (scroll down to see team rosters, this top section will be blank until the ride season begins and ride results are available.)

Team Standings

PlaceTeam NameTotal Points
1Honey Badgers3909
2Gnarly Narwhals3207.125
3Blue Pegasos2112.75
6The Artful Dodgers931
7Whoop A$$ Unicorns927.5
8Team WarHorse273

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
Team WarHorseJamie Hughes (Captain)3/28/2022
Team WarHorseHeidi Talbott3/28/2022
Team WarHorseKay Ickes3/28/2022
Team WarHorseAlexis Berryman3/28/2022
Team WarHorseAndrew Haddenham3/28/2022
Team WarHorseHolly Haddenham3/28/2022
Team WarHorseJulie Bittick3/28/2022
Team WarHorseJillane Baros3/28/2022
Team WarHorseSherry Andrus3/28/2022
Team WarHorseCynthia Anderson3/28/2022
Team WarHorseSummer Martell3/28/2022
Team WarHorseJulie Serres3/28/2022

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
GIT R DONEChris Samson (Captain)3/28/2022
GIT R DONENance Worman3/28/2022
GIT R DONECarrie Johnson3/28/2022
GIT R DONELee Pearce3/28/2022
GIT R DONENaomi Preston3/28/2022
GIT R DONEKaili Worth3/28/2022
GIT R DONEConnie Holloway3/28/2022
GIT R DONEDebbie Johnston6/16/2022
GIT R DONEJackie Everett3/28/2022
GIT R DONESimone Mauhl3/28/2022
GIT R DONEAnn Kuck3/28/2022
GIT R DONESheri Weast3/28/2022
GIT R DONETamara Baysinger3/28/2022
GIT R DONECarolyn Roberts3/28/2022

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
Whoop A$$ UnicornsSiri Olson (Captain)3/28/2022
Whoop A$$ UnicornsMax Merlich3/28/2022
Whoop A$$ UnicornsDavid Hendrickson4/5/2022
Whoop A$$ UnicornsSharalyn Hay3/28/2022
Whoop A$$ UnicornsKirstin Vanderhoek3/28/2022
Whoop A$$ UnicornsKathleen Ratcliff3/28/2022
Whoop A$$ UnicornsSarah Hockett4/13/2022
Whoop A$$ UnicornsJoslynn Terry3/28/2022
Whoop A$$ UnicornsBonnie Girod3/28/2022
Whoop A$$ UnicornsKrista Gerdes3/28/2022
Whoop A$$ UnicornsAutumn Schmuck4/5/2022
Whoop A$$ UnicornsBrianna Girod3/28/2022
Whoop A$$ UnicornsSally Melendrez4/13/2022
Whoop A$$ UnicornsEmilee Randal4/5/2022
Whoop A$$ UnicornsDarlene Merlich3/28/2022

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
Honey BadgersKristen Grace (Captain)3/28/2022
Honey BadgersHolly Rouska3/28/2022
Honey BadgersJessica Cobbley3/28/2022
Honey BadgersMike Cobbley3/28/2022
Honey BadgersMarlene Moss3/28/2022
Honey BadgersStace Moss3/28/2022
Honey BadgersJessica Huber3/28/2022
Honey BadgersBobbi Walker4/12/2022
Honey BadgersLora Bannan3/28/2022
Honey BadgersLynn Atcheson3/28/2022
Honey BadgersKristy Butler3/28/2022
Honey BadgersSuzanne Hayes3/28/2022
Honey BadgersDarcy Bean3/28/2022
Honey BadgersLayne Lewis3/28/2022
Honey BadgersElayne Barclay3/28/2022

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
MaraudersTani Bates (Captain)4/2/2022
MaraudersKathleen Harris4/2/2022
MaraudersJillian Sparkes4/2/2022
MaraudersCelena Pentrack4/5/2022
MaraudersKathy Thompson4/2/2022
MaraudersSusan Kellogg4/2/2022
MaraudersTerri Powell4/2/2022
MaraudersSiiri Berg4/2/2022
MaraudersPatricia Highlander4/2/2022
MaraudersAnsley McCabe4/2/2022
MaraudersShae Johnson4/2/2022
MaraudersDenise Wollweber4/2/2022
MaraudersCarol Giles4/2/2022
MaraudersOna Lawrence4/2/2022
MaraudersLois Fox4/2/2022

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
High Heaven RidersLuAnn De Young (Captain)6/1/2022
High Heaven RidersLindsey Sears6/1/2022
High Heaven RidersMargo Mittge6/1/2022
High Heaven RidersRuth Colonnello6/1/2022
High Heaven RidersDeborah Porter6/1/2022

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
Gnarly NarwhalsKathleen Dunham Pillo (Captain)3/28/2022
Gnarly NarwhalsJennifer Kaplan3/28/2022
Gnarly NarwhalsCortney Honan3/28/2022
Gnarly NarwhalsErin Putnam3/28/2022
Gnarly NarwhalsNicole Mayfield3/28/2022
Gnarly NarwhalsKelsey Corey3/28/2022
Gnarly NarwhalsDeliene Sellers3/28/2022
Gnarly NarwhalsAmy Carrier4/8/2022
Gnarly NarwhalsCristina Vaughan3/30/2022
Gnarly NarwhalsSarah Eaketts6/1/2022
Gnarly NarwhalsSandra Cheek3/28/2022
Gnarly NarwhalsSusan Summers3/28/2022
Gnarly NarwhalsDennis Summers3/28/2022
Gnarly NarwhalsGuy Cheek3/28/2022
Gnarly NarwhalsJulie Barnfather4/8/2022

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
The Artful DodgersBianca Chevalier (Captain)3/28/2022
The Artful DodgersBirte Ferguson3/28/2022
The Artful DodgersTally Wren3/28/2022
The Artful DodgersGlen Siver5/31/2022
The Artful DodgersChris Amaral3/28/2022
The Artful DodgersJanine Engel3/28/2022
The Artful DodgersJoyce Sousa3/28/2022
The Artful DodgersTara Quinn3/28/2022
The Artful DodgersLisa Amaral3/28/2022
The Artful DodgersChristine Karas3/28/2022
The Artful DodgersDennis Sousa3/28/2022
The Artful DodgersStephanie Delahunt4/5/2022
The Artful DodgersSara Anderson3/28/2022

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
Blue PegasosMelissa Laws (Captain)3/28/2022
Blue PegasosDavid Lewis3/28/2022
Blue PegasosAlexandra Lewis3/28/2022
Blue PegasosDavid Laws3/28/2022
Blue PegasosJessica Veal3/28/2022
Blue PegasosVicki Nickels3/28/2022
Blue PegasosDavid Steckler6/7/2022
Blue PegasosLisa Cohen3/28/2022
Blue PegasosAlexandra Fetterman3/28/2022
Blue PegasosDonna Lacy-Bacon3/28/2022
Blue PegasosCarlene Benson3/28/2022
Blue PegasosNicole Kinsey3/28/2022
Blue PegasosMari Smultea3/28/2022