Ride Manager Resources

In Progress!

The purpose of this page will be as a central location for any items that will help you manage a ride through sending off results easier. Please email website@pner.net with any suggestions.

When preparing for your ride, you'll make a ride flyer for the handbook (handbook@pner.net). When that's completed, email to website@pner.net and a link will be set up to the flyer. If you have a website, please provide that address as well and it will also be linked. This is a great help to riders and will improve ride attendence without complications! If you aren't technical and have a hard time creating flyers and websites, throw out a message on the PNER FB page, there are some amazing resources willing to help you out.

With the growing popularity of mapping tools and the huge frustration with trail sabotage (animal or human!), you might want to consider providing a downloadable map for smartphones. Popular products are Gaia and Ride with GPS. Again, it's very helpful to ask for advice and support from those who have already started using these. FB is a great place to start.

Tracking ride entries
Ride managers/ride secretaries have various preferred methods to track ride entries. If you set up a Jotform, you will end up with a spreadsheet with all the data (especially if the entry forms ask for the correct data). It is helpful to both ride management and ride secretary, as well as riders and the points secretary if you request horse and rider PNER IDs as well as the ride organization (AERC/EDRA) IDs. This helps data to be tracked correctly even when there's a typo for names or variations like horse barn name vs registered name or the rider tosses in a middle name or gets married etc.

Ride Results
Every ride manager should use the spreadsheets below (updated for 2020) to send ride results to points@pner.netIf you have issues with using a spreadsheet, please contact the points secretary before your ride. We may be able to provide training so this isn't a difficult step. 

AERC/PNER Ride Results Template
EDRA/PNER Ride Results Template 

Junior entry reimbursement
Many ride managers provide reduced price or free entries to Juniors. This is a great incentive for families with kids to help them keep expenses down. There is a fund created in the names of Mary Nunn and Anna Sampson, two great volunteers, to reimburse ride managers who support Juniors in this way. Here's a link to the Mary & Anna youth ride fee reimbursement form.

Liability waiver related to Coronavirus form

Regina's spreadsheets used at City of Rocks