2024 Rosters and Standings

2024 Team Standings (scroll down to see team rosters, this top section will be blank until the ride season begins and ride results are available.)

Team Standings

PlaceTeam NameTotal Points
1Whoop A$$ Unicorns750
2Blue Pegasos714.5
3Honey Badgers635
4Unnamed & Untamed539.5
5Git R Done325

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
Racing SamsquatchJennifer Kaplan (Captain)2/27/2024
Racing SamsquatchEmilee Randal2/27/2024
Racing SamsquatchKathleen Dunham Pillo2/27/2024
Racing SamsquatchNicole Mayfield2/27/2024
Racing SamsquatchKelsey Corey2/27/2024
Racing SamsquatchLaura Rheingans2/27/2024
Racing SamsquatchSophia McKee2/27/2024
Racing SamsquatchKevin Eichhorn2/27/2024
Racing SamsquatchDeborah Chapman2/27/2024
Racing SamsquatchSandra Cheek2/27/2024
Racing SamsquatchGuy Cheek2/27/2024

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
NeedsANameJackelyn Hafla (Captain)3/5/2024
NeedsANameAva Depizzol 3/5/2024
NeedsANameJessica Huber3/5/2024
NeedsANameKristy Butler3/5/2024
NeedsANameVeronica Simpson3/5/2024
NeedsANameErin Hafla3/5/2024
NeedsANameBonnie Bolender3/5/2024
NeedsANameRoxanne Hafla3/5/2024
NeedsANameJessica Valtierra3/5/2024
NeedsANameOlivia Valtierra3/5/2024

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
Blue PegasosMelissa Laws (Captain)4/4/2024
Blue PegasosDavid Laws4/4/2024
Blue PegasosAlexandra Lewis4/4/2024
Blue PegasosDavid Lewis4/4/2024
Blue PegasosMari Smultea4/4/2024
Blue PegasosDavid Steckler4/4/2024
Blue PegasosLisa Cohen4/4/2024
Blue PegasosPaul Latiolais4/4/2024
Blue PegasosStephanie Delahunt4/4/2024
Blue PegasosNicole Kinsey4/4/2024
Blue PegasosVicki Nickels4/4/2024
Blue PegasosCarmen Jackson4/4/2024
Blue PegasosAlina Hildreth 4/4/2024

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
Git R DoneDebbie Johnston (Captain)4/16/2024
Git R DoneTami Bromley4/16/2024
Git R DoneBentley French4/16/2024
Git R DoneConnie Holloway4/16/2024
Git R DoneCarrie Johnson4/16/2024
Git R DoneSimone Mauhl4/16/2024
Git R DoneMerri Melde4/16/2024
Git R DoneMonica Moss4/16/2024
Git R DoneLee Pearce4/16/2024
Git R DoneNaomi Preston4/16/2024
Git R DoneNance Worman4/16/2024
Git R DoneTamara Baysinger4/16/2024
Git R DoneCatherine Cook4/16/2024
Git R DoneJennifer Leach4/16/2024

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
Unnamed & UntamedBeth Meenaghan (Captain)4/5/2024
Unnamed & UntamedCarol Giles4/5/2024
Unnamed & UntamedAnsley McCabe4/5/2024
Unnamed & UntamedGreta Berner4/5/2024
Unnamed & UntamedJamethiel Morse4/5/2024
Unnamed & UntamedJala Neufeld4/5/2024
Unnamed & UntamedShirah Kosydar4/5/2024
Unnamed & UntamedAndrea Hurn4/5/2024
Unnamed & UntamedMary Krauss Berner4/5/2024
Unnamed & UntamedBonnie Girod4/5/2024
Unnamed & UntamedJoy Girod4/5/2024
Unnamed & UntamedAmy Jones4/5/2024
Unnamed & UntamedNora Mains4/5/2024
Unnamed & UntamedLeilani Nichols4/5/2024
Unnamed & UntamedKathy Bray4/5/2024

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
Honey BadgersKristen Grace (Captain)4/6/2024
Honey BadgersStace Moss4/6/2024
Honey BadgersMarlene Moss4/6/2024
Honey BadgersSara Anderson4/6/2024
Honey BadgersBianca Chevalier4/6/2024
Honey BadgersLynn Atcheson4/6/2024
Honey BadgersHolly Rouska4/6/2024
Honey BadgersBirte Ferguson4/6/2024
Honey BadgersBobbi Walker4/6/2024
Honey BadgersDarcy Bean4/6/2024
Honey BadgersLora Bannan4/6/2024
Honey BadgersLeah Cain4/6/2024
Honey BadgersLucas Cramer4/6/2024
Honey BadgersTara Quinn4/6/2024
Honey BadgersDanielle Delamater5/4/2024

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
Whoop A$$ UnicornsKirstin Vanderhoek (Captain)4/8/2024
Whoop A$$ UnicornsDarlene Merlich4/8/2024
Whoop A$$ UnicornsLayne Lewis4/8/2024
Whoop A$$ UnicornsMax Merlich4/8/2024
Whoop A$$ UnicornsSharalyn Hay4/8/2024
Whoop A$$ UnicornsSuzanne Hayes4/8/2024
Whoop A$$ UnicornsJoslynn Terry4/8/2024
Whoop A$$ UnicornsKrista Gerdes4/8/2024
Whoop A$$ UnicornsBethany Booher4/8/2024
Whoop A$$ UnicornsSally Melendrez4/8/2024
Whoop A$$ UnicornsMelissa Sullivan4/8/2024
Whoop A$$ UnicornsTani Bates4/8/2024
Whoop A$$ UnicornsAvery Rose Marie Gerdes4/8/2024
Whoop A$$ UnicornsSiri Olson4/8/2024
Whoop A$$ UnicornsSarah Hockett4/8/2024