2024 Schedule

This is a rough plan, things will change!

Convention topics and speakers:

Adrienne Hendricks will be doing a 3 hour off site saddle fitting clinic with horses and saddles at Tani Bates'.

Stevie Delahunt will be sending a couple video presentations on Shoeing and padding and her Tough talk.

Stace Moss will discuss Octos, pros and cons and application.

Jala Neufeld will be presenting on riding with GPS, refresher

Cassee Terry will be presenting on Large Animal Rescue

Julie Veloo will be gracing us with a wonderful presentation on Endurance Adventures Across Mongolia - the inside story of the Gobi Gallop and the Blue Wolf Totem Expedition....

Naomi Preston will be presenting on Tellington TTouch® 

CTR, AERC, EDRA will all have presentations about their venues

What to look forward too for AERC National Championships in August 2024

Sanoma Blakeley will be at the AERC booth with her book for signings.

Awards on both Friday and Saturday night!

Game night Friday night

Raffles, silent auction are planned as well