2020 Rosters & Standings


2020 Team Standings (scroll down to see team rosters, this top section will be blank until the ride season begins and ride results are available.)

Team Standings

PlaceTeam NameTotal Points
1Honey Badgers2601
2GIT R DONE1197.5
4Owyhee Wonders447.5
5Fuzzy Dolphins365
7WHOOP A$$150

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
We Ain't No SissiesMargie Woodford (Captain)2/16/2020
We Ain't No SissiesJillian Sparkes2/16/2020
We Ain't No SissiesSarah Dafler2/16/2020
We Ain't No SissiesHeidi Larson2/16/2020
We Ain't No SissiesDondra Winkler2/16/2020
We Ain't No SissiesKathryn Bodrock2/16/2020
We Ain't No SissiesLisa Anselmo2/16/2020
We Ain't No SissiesCarson AnselmoMarnach2/16/2020
We Ain't No SissiesRichard Mittie2/16/2020
We Ain't No SissiesShannon Peckham2/16/2020
We Ain't No SissiesErin Putnam2/16/2020

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
Counting CoupLynn Atcheson (Captain)2/16/2020
Counting CoupBobbi Walker2/16/2020
Counting CoupDonna Lacy-Bacon2/16/2020
Counting CoupShelley Kerr2/16/2020
Counting CoupAllison Kopelowitz2/16/2020
Counting CoupDeborah Dunn2/16/2020
Counting CoupLori Van Zuyen4/5/2020

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
Owyhee WondersConnie Holloway (Captain)2/25/2020
Owyhee WondersPatricia Frahm2/25/2020
Owyhee WondersAnne Aganon2/25/2020
Owyhee WondersVicki Nickels2/25/2020
Owyhee WondersKaren Steenhof2/25/2020
Owyhee WondersShyla Williams2/25/2020
Owyhee WondersKaren Bumgarner2/25/2020
Owyhee WondersCatherine Cook2/25/2020
Owyhee WondersCindy Bachman2/25/2020
Owyhee WondersPam Davenport3/12/2020

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
GIT R DONEChris Samson (Captain)3/2/2020
GIT R DONEJodie Lucas3/2/2020
GIT R DONENance Worman3/2/2020
GIT R DONEDebbie Johnston3/2/2020
GIT R DONECarolyn Roberts3/2/2020
GIT R DONELayne Lewis3/2/2020
GIT R DONEKaili Worth3/2/2020
GIT R DONEJill Haunold3/2/2020
GIT R DONEAnn Kuck3/2/2020
GIT R DONECarrie Johnson3/2/2020
GIT R DONELee Pearce3/2/2020
GIT R DONENaomi Preston3/2/2020
GIT R DONESandy Smallwood3/2/2020
GIT R DONESimone Mauhl3/17/2020

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
Honey BadgersKristen Grace (Captain)3/12/2020
Honey BadgersMari Smultea3/12/2020
Honey BadgersSarah Ferguson3/12/2020
Honey BadgersStace Moss3/12/2020
Honey BadgersMarlene Moss3/12/2020
Honey BadgersCarlene Benson3/12/2020
Honey BadgersJessica Huber3/12/2020
Honey BadgersBecky Osborne3/12/2020
Honey BadgersElayne Barclay3/12/2020
Honey BadgersMike Cobbley3/12/2020
Honey BadgersJessica Cobbley3/12/2020
Honey BadgersHolly Rouska3/12/2020
Honey BadgersLora Bannan3/12/2020
Honey BadgersDarcy Bean3/12/2020
Honey BadgersSuzanne Hayes5/28/2020

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
BucephaliansMelissa Laws (Captain)3/19/2020
BucephaliansSue Stephenson3/19/2020
BucephaliansDavid Lewis3/19/2020
BucephaliansAlexandra Lewis3/19/2020
BucephaliansSheri Cook3/19/2020
BucephaliansDavid Laws3/19/2020
BucephaliansMindy Wolfe3/19/2020
BucephaliansKaren Leiman3/19/2020
BucephaliansJessica Veal3/19/2020
BucephaliansPaul Latiolais3/19/2020
BucephaliansForrest Tancer4/5/2020
BucephaliansTally Wren4/5/2020
BucephaliansJeffrey Tryens4/5/2020
BucephaliansAlexis Berryman4/5/2020
BucephaliansKathy Bray3/19/2020

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
High Heaven RidersLuAnn De Young (Captain)4/5/2020
High Heaven RidersLindsey Sears4/5/2020
High Heaven RidersMargo Mittge4/5/2020
High Heaven RidersSarah Ann Hahn4/5/2020
High Heaven RidersRuth Colonnello4/5/2020
High Heaven RidersDeborah Porter4/5/2020
High Heaven RidersKristina Graham4/7/2020

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
Charlie's UnicornsKathleen Ferguson (Captain)4/5/2020
Charlie's UnicornsKim Black4/5/2020
Charlie's UnicornsTiffany Buob4/5/2020
Charlie's UnicornsSiri Olson4/5/2020
Charlie's UnicornsSandra Cheek4/5/2020
Charlie's UnicornsTerry James4/5/2020
Charlie's UnicornsJulie Barnfather4/5/2020
Charlie's UnicornsRobin Burns4/5/2020
Charlie's UnicornsCortney Honan4/5/2020
Charlie's UnicornsDeliene Sellers4/5/2020
Charlie's UnicornsAutumn Schmuck4/5/2020
Charlie's UnicornsSusan Summers4/5/2020
Charlie's UnicornsJennifer Hover6/1/2020

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
Fuzzy DolphinsKathleen Dunham Pillo (Captain)6/1/2020
Fuzzy DolphinsTim Pillo6/1/2020
Fuzzy DolphinsNicole Mayfield6/1/2020
Fuzzy DolphinsJennifer Bloor6/1/2020
Fuzzy DolphinsBenjamin Westling6/1/2020
Fuzzy DolphinsGuy Cheek6/1/2020
Fuzzy DolphinsBobbie Knapp6/1/2020
Fuzzy DolphinsRobin Redman6/1/2020

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
MaraudersTani Bates (Captain)6/1/2020
MaraudersRebecca Fiedler6/1/2020
MaraudersCelena Pentrack6/1/2020
MaraudersKathy Thompson6/1/2020
MaraudersSusan Kellogg6/1/2020
MaraudersMike Constantine6/1/2020
MaraudersTerri Powell6/1/2020
MaraudersRon Sproat6/1/2020
MaraudersCarol Giles6/1/2020
MaraudersLois Fox6/1/2020
MaraudersSiiri Berg6/1/2020
MaraudersPatricia Highlander6/1/2020

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
WHOOP A$$Sarah Hockett6/12/2020
WHOOP A$$Kyle Hockett6/12/2020
WHOOP A$$Darlene Merlich6/12/2020
WHOOP A$$Max Merlich6/12/2020
WHOOP A$$Georgia Glidden6/12/2020
WHOOP A$$Joslynn Terry6/12/2020
WHOOP A$$Bonnie Girod6/12/2020
WHOOP A$$Jennifer Kaplan6/12/2020
WHOOP A$$Sharalyn Hay6/12/2020
WHOOP A$$Jo Weinstein6/12/2020
WHOOP A$$Kathleen Ratcliff6/12/2020
WHOOP A$$Kevin Eichhorn6/12/2020