2018 Special Purpose Awards




Ambassador -- Selected by the PNER Executive Committee

The purpose of this award is to express PNER's appreciation to an individual who best exemplifies characteristics demonstrated by legendary members, Gene Peterson and Wayne Stobie.  Although Wayne and Gene were not riders, they came to rides with their respective spouses  and were willing to help anyone in need.  They were dedicated to the sport of endurance riding, to the PNER organization, and all who participated in the sport.

Recipients of the award are determined by the qualitative judgment of nomination submittals to the PNER Executive Committee.

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  A nomination submittal must be sent to the Awards Coordinator at awards@pner.net by December 1.  The submittal must include a description of how the nominee exhibits the qualities and attributes of Gene Peterson and Wayne Stobie.  A list of nominees and any submitted materials will be forwarded to the PNER Executive Committee.


Ride Manager of the Year -- Sponsored by Terri Powell Agency of American Family Insurance

If you’ve attended a ride, you’ve witnessed the hard work and dedication of ride managers.  The purpose of this award is to recognize the ride manager who oversees and manages an event that either exceeds participant expectations or who is confronted with extreme challenges and is able to address those issues in a responsible and constructive manner – reaching the best possible outcome given the challenge faced.  The recipient of the award is determined by qualitative judgment of nomination submittals to the award sponsor.

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  A nomination form and brief essay describing how the nominee demonstrates possessing the desired qualities and attributes through first-hand observation and experience must be submitted to the Awards Coordinator at awards@pner.net by December 1.  The Awards Coordinator will also contact the Handbook Editor and Points Secretary for feedback on the performanceof a nominated ride manger relative to basic duties – such as turning in accurate and complete ride results information in a timely manner.  All information collected will be provided to the award sponsor.


Young Rider Scholarship

Funded by Anonymous PNER Member Donors 

(Application submittal required by October 1)

PNER offers a scholarship of up to $1,000 to young riders age 17-21, which may be awarded to one recipient or split between two applicants, if appropriate.


  •         Completed or on schedule to complete high school or equivalent,
  •         Current PNER member in good standing, and
  •         Attending/planning to attend post-secondary educational institution.

A recipient may reapply for this scholarship if all eligibility requirements are met.

TO APPLY:  Write a letter of application to the Scholarship Committee which describes your involvement with PNER (as rider, crew, or volunteer); involvement in your home community; your leadership experience and your educational plans.

 Write an essay on a topic relevant to the history of PNER and endurance riding.  For example, past topics have included interviews with longtime ride managers, history of a specific ride or set of events, and a historical exploration of endurance equipment.

 Include a transcript of current academic records (unofficial transcript is acceptable). 

EVALUATION:  Scholarship application and essay are judged against the following criteria:

  •         PNER involvement – 15%
  •         Community involvement – 15%
  •         Academic performance – 10%
  •         Leadership experience – 10%
  •         Quality of essay (see below) – 50%
  •         Topic, organization, and accuracy - 20%
  •         Of interest to PNER members - 20%
  •         Grammar, spelling, and citation of sources - 5%
  •         Writing quality and style - 5%

All decisions of the committee are final.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Young riders may apply for this scholarship their senior year of high school in advance of being accepted by a post high school educational institution, or once accepted to a post high school educational institution, or while already attending such institution.

Scholarship materials may be submitted to the Scholarship Committee chair via email (preferred) or via postal service to the address listed below.  Submissions are due (postmarked) no later than October 1st.  Questions regarding the scholarship and application process may be directed to the committee chair.

Scholarship funds are issued directly to the recipient’s post high school educational institution and the scholarship award(s) will be announced at the annual PNER Convention.

Aarene Storms, 2018 Scholarship Committee chair

aarenex@haikufarm.net or 25118 Jim Creek Rd, Arlington, WA 98223