General Info


WHERE? The Embassy Suites (Portland Airport)
7900 NE 82nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97220

January 28, 29, 30, 2022

Everyone is invited!  Need not be a member to attend, but we would love it if you would become a member or renew your membership!

HOW (to register)? Membership renewals will be available November 1.  At that time, we will have a link together for new and renewal memberships, as well as to register for convention and the banquet.  Watch the page (Convention info tab) as well as the member and public PNER Facebook pages for updates.  In the meantime, here is the information that we can provide at this time!

GUEST ROOMS:  Because we are in the uncharted era of the fading (we hope) of Covid 19 and all the repercussions it has had on businesses and individuals, we have been conservative in our approach to expenses for this convention.  The last thing we want to do is overcommit and, as a result, needlessly spend PNER money.  Because we did not know whether some members would be unable or hesitant to attend, we have blocked only 75% of the usual number of rooms for this convention.  That in no way means that we are limited to only 75% of our usual attendance.  We are able to expand to more capacity (until and unless the hotel is totally booked), but the room rate of $149.00 and availability will not be guaranteed beyond the reduced number of rooms that are blocked.  If you plan to attend and want to stay at the convention location, you need to reserve your room early.  I will closely monitor the room reservations and let the hotel know if we will need more.  Again, they may or may not have more rooms available.  If not, attendees will need to find other lodging; it will not be PNER’s role to make such arrangements. 

You may set up your room reservation directly, via the hotel link.  

And parking at the venue is $7 per day.  If you are staying at the hotel, that amount charges through your room.  Otherwise, vouchers will be available so that you pay only the $7 per day regardless of whether you leave the parking lot more than once.   

SPEAKERS:  We have excellent topics and speakers for convention. 

1. Bob Long, Winner of 2019 Mongol Derby:  I am completely excited to tell you that Bob Long, the amazing gentleman who won the Mongol Derby in 2019, is going to be one of our presenters.  If you have not heard about his adventures, please check these links out. 

NY Times

2. How to manage that rocket ship you’re riding:  Nearly all of us have experienced the difficult-to-control horse who is only partially listening to the rider at the beginning of the ride as the herd mentality takes over.  Please join this presentation for ideas to manage that difficult behavior.  Julie Serres is organizing this feature, and there may be panels members who are yet to be named.  Plan to attend with your list of questions and challenges. 

3. Catch Riding:  We will also have a panel discussion about the fine art of catch riding, with Jamie Hughes, Heidi Talbott, Stevie Delahunt, Alexis Berryman, and Kristen Grace, all of whom have been involved in either catch riding or finding catch riders for their fine horses.  We all have had that situation in which we either needed a horse or needed a rider for one of our horses.  These folks will discuss the fine art of match making to assure a favorable outcome for all involved.  There are potential pitfalls to avoid—we will learn from the experienced experts!

4. Saddle Fit:  Very few of us have been spared the challenges of saddle fit with our long-distance horses.  DeWayne Brown and Celena Pentrak are ready to share their knowledge and help us through this gnarly issue.  This is always a popular topic and has been specifically requested. 

5. Solar Panel Kit Installation:  Set up a system on your trailer/camper/etc. to prolong your electrical charge!  Licensed electrician Randy Grace explains how to install a kit on your RV to take advantage of the sunshine that we often appreciate (or curse) at our ride events.  This is a popular and requested topic; we’re thrilled to have Randy share his knowledge and show us how this can be done!

6. Rider Fitness:  Stevie Delahunt will bring us a sample of the fitness program that she uses to train riders for the Mongol Derby and the Gaucho Derby.  She has invaluable information for us and tips to improve the human part of your athletic team!  Developing rider fitness makes life better all the way around and makes those ride miles more pleasant for both you and your horse.  Her accomplishments are amazing—here’s a flavor of this amazing lady:   She Can Magazine 

7. Bits (and more!):  Back by popular demand, Judy Auble from Toklat will again present her excellent information about bits.  This is so informative and might just revise everything you thought you knew about bits.  Judy will also show us some other products from the Toklat line.

8. Safety Vest Demonstration and other new innovations:  We will again have an air vest deployment and an opportunity for people to ask questions and try on various air vests.  We will also have a presentation concerning SPOT trackers, in the dreaded event you separate from your beloved equine.  Other gadgets/ideas will be available for demo and discussion as well. 

USED TACK SALE:   Darla & Sierra Westlake have kindly agreed to spearhead this effort again, and we totally appreciate it!  Start cleaning up your tack and fill out this form to bring to the convention.  

Please note that 10% of the sales proceeds will go to PNER.  And while we are unable to display saddles, those of you who have saddles to sell are welcome to bring a photo or two of the saddle to pin on a bulletin board.  Buyers and sellers can connect on the side (no percentage by PNER on the saddles)—we are offering this to hopefully connect buyers and sellers to enable the perfect fit for you and your horse! 

RAFFLE:  As you likely know, Jo Weinstein and Kitty Ratcliff operated the raffle for several years but have handed off the task (and the raffle basket).  I am in need of a volunteer (or two, or maybe a team) to step in and take over this task.  I am not to the point of begging for help on this, but that may happen soon.  If you and/or a group of folks want to take this on, you would have my undying gratitude and that of all the attendees.  This is a VERY popular portion of our convention, and we need and appreciate the volunteers who make it happen!  Please, someone, step up so this can happen!  Convention won’t be the same without a raffle!

BANQUET AND DANCING:  In order to save some time, we will again be setting up a buffet style meal on Saturday night.  And yes, THERE WILL BE DANCING—we have again arranged your favorite DJ!

EVENING GOWNS:  Gowns will again be offered as a benefit to the Junior Rider fund. Sashay around the dance floor in a glamorous gown (sparkly shoes, too!), rented or purchased from your own Junior/Young Rider group.  Funds go toward trail projects and toward supporting activities for our youngest PNER members. 

AWARDS:  We’ll be double celebrating!!  Those who earned individual-achievement awards, such as the Sandy Baar, My First 100, etc. in 2020 as well as all the usual awards for 2021, will be announced and celebrated. 

VENDORS:  We are contacting vendors and are well underway to assembling an excellent representation of vendors and products for you.  If you have specific suggestions of vendors, please let me know and we will reach out to them. 

TEAM SILENT AUCTION BASKETS:   There is early interest in having the silent auction again for the team-provided baskets.  I’m sure we’ll have more information on that as we get closer to convention and the teams extend their challenges to each other!

All of this is to say that CONVENTION IS COMING TOGETHER!  Please be sure that YOU are part of our Pacific Northwest Endurance Rides COMMUNITY coming together, too!  Onward and upward in 2022!  SEE YOU THERE!