2023 Vendor Information



JANUARY 13 & 14, 2023

BOISE, ID 83714

Dear Vendors!

We would love to have you at our trade show during our PNER convention! 

Our trade show is free to our convention attendees and wide open to the public.  It is very well attended.  We advertise beyond our PNER organization with other horse-related groups, which extends our reach beyond the endurance community, giving you yet more customer traffic.  Our popular used tack sale and raffle, in the trade show area, continue the great foot traffic throughout the event. 

At the convention, our members are preparing for the upcoming ride season, and are ready to replace worn out gear, outfit a new horse, upgrade and/or accessorize their camper or trailer, and consider new products.  They appreciate being able to see a product in person, rather than simply looking at something on line. 

This year, like last year, we have changed our pricing methodology for the vendor display area, unbundling the advertising in our PNER handbook and newsletter, from the booth space cost.  We want to offer an economical opportunity for vendors to present their products at our trade show.  For that reason, each of our commercial vendor booths, 10’ x 10’ space, will be only $100.00 and a half table will be $50. 

To reserve your booth space, please complete the form below (or this doc) and send it, with payment, to Nance Worman, 14 Joy Lee Circle, Boise ID 83716 NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 15, 2022.  If questions, please call Nance at 208-869-1367 or email quinnance@aol.com


2023 PNER Convention Vendor Registration Form

Company Name:____________________________________________

Contact Name & Phone Number:  _________________________

Mailing Address:____________________________________________


Website _____________________________________________________

Number of booths (10’ x 10’) requested (@ $100 each):  _____
Number of 1/2 tables (5') requested (@ $50 each): _____

Please make check payable to “Pacific Northwest Endurance Rides”

Please specify below any additional needs, such as electricity, AV equipment, white boards, etc. The hotel's charges for such items may be extended to the vendor, increasing the cost of the booth:



Separate and aside from the trade show, we welcome vendors to sign up for advertising space in our PNER handbook, which will issue in the Spring of 2023.  Rates for advertising in the handbook are as follows: 

Business. Card: 2"x3" -                                 $30

1/4 Page: 4"x5" -                                            $50

1/2 Page: 4" x 10" -                                        $75

Full Page: 7.5" x 10" -                                    $100

Full Page Color: 7.5" x 10" -                          $125

Inside Front Cover Color: 7.5" x 10" -          $150


To arrange advertising in the handbook, please contact handbook@pner.net and you can go here to pay.